Commercial Cleaning Services: Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

commercial cleaning services questions
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Today, there are countless commercial cleaning services of varying types and sizes available in the market. Some of them are relatively new, while others are decades old. It can be quite challenging to find and select one apt for your needs. However, if done correctly, you can potentially develop a mutually beneficial partnership with that company for several years down the line. To make the right decisions, you need to ask some important commercial cleaning services questions and queries.

However, there still exist numerous factors that can make this process even harder. For example, many commercial cleaning services are ready to say whatever it takes to get your business.

Fortunately, there are some relatively simple but effective questions you can ask such companies. That will allow you to differentiate the genuine ones from the fakes. It also allows you to determine if a given company can provide you quality service at a reasonable cost. Given below is a list of such useful questions for you to consider.

How Long Have You Been in This Business? Do You Have Expertise in Dealing with Specific Kinds of Clients?

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You should try to choose a types of office cleaning services that has significant experience in this field. Such companies have a better chance of having their process figured out. Thus, you will not encounter as many problems when working with them.

Your cleaning service should have a history of working with businesses similar to your own. In that case, they will be well acquainted with the factors involved. Thus, they will give apt training to their employees as per your requirements.

Do You Have Your Employees Screened? Do They Undergo Background Checks as Well?

Commercial cleaning services need to screen their employees for drug abuse. They should also ensure that their employees do not have a criminal record. For this purpose, they should adequately confirm every new recruits employment history and check references as well. That ensures that they put together an efficient and trustworthy team.

Do You Have A Mandatory Training Program For Your Employees?

Ideally, commercial cleaning services should make all of their employees go through a training program. By doing this, they ensure that employees sent to job sites can deliver services that meet certain expectations. This becomes especially important if your facility has some special needs. In that case, you need to seek out commercial cleaning services that provide employee training apt for your business requirements.

Does Your Company Have Any Quality Assurance Process?

One of the most important commercial cleaning services questions is whether they efficiently monitor and handle the quality of their teams work. For example, certain companies tend to use janitorial software programs to help with problem reporting. They also use similar software to forward data obtained from janitorial inspections. That allows managers to analyze this information and solve problems relatively fast.

Do You Have Proper Insurance?

Professional cleaning services need to have apt insurance as demanded by their states regulations. You must verify this beforehand. Generally, such a company must have automobile liability insurance, worker compensation insurance, umbrella coverage, and general liability insurance.

Keep in mind that enlisting the services of an uninsured company could hurt you in the long term. It may be a cheaper option, but if their employees cause damage while working in your office, the cost will be upon you.

How do You Cleaners Understand the Requirements Of Cleaning Our Office?

It would be nice if the same cleaners arrived to clean up your office every time. That would ensure a certain consistency in the cleaning service you receive. A team of cleaners that works for a long time at your office knows your requirements very well. Thus, they will provide you better service and minimize issues, if any.

Commercial cleaning services questions are made to assess if they possess low turnover rates and give you the same cleaners more frequently. At the same time, you should ensure that the new cleaners are well acquainted with the rules and needs while cleaning your facility whenever there is a staffing change.

Does Your Company Offer A Contract?

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Some people prefer to sign a contract with commercial cleaning services. Others find this practice to be too rigid and are more versatile regarding their cleaning requirements. You should think about whether signing a contract will provide the kind of flexibility and protection that you seek. When signing a contract, ensure that all your queries are adequately answered.

Then, and only then, you must proceed to commit. For example, what does their service do to provide a satisfaction guarantee? Do they promptly send over someone to rectify mistakes? Do they provide credit in case you are not satisfied with their quality of work?

What Rates Do You Charge?

We are not just talking about money here. As you can imagine, the janitorial business happens to be extremely competitive. Thus, certain commercial cleaning services tend to put in low bids in order to get into a deal with a business. You should try to find out why a company offers an identical service package for a much lower price than another company.

You should try to find out about the type of package a company provides, how many people it employs, and how much time they will require to clean your office. Also, you should ask for a proper list of services that their company will provide. It is not wise to choose a company that is offering the lowest price. Instead, you should analyze their packages and choose whichever one offers the most quality and long-lasting benefits.

If I Have Any Problem with Your Cleaners, How Should I Contact You?

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Good cleaning services need to have a proper procedure for you to contact them in case of problems. Companies that are appropriately administered have janitorial software equipped to manage client communications. You also have the option of using an app to call or text their managers. That will help you ensure that all tasks are performed correctly, as per your requirements.


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