4 Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Your Business Needs

4 Types of Commercial Cleaning Services Your Business Needs
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A large part of making a good impression on customers and employees is making sure that your business is looking as clean as possible, and to get your business really clean you should be using commercial cleaning services near me. Commercial cleaning is a big part of maintaining professionalism at your business, so it is certainly something you should know more about.

As a part of a business operation, you need to always try to minimise expenses, which in turn makes profits even higher, so finding good prices for commercial cleaning services is a part of making the business successful. Knowing which type of professional commercial cleaning to choose for your business can be a difficult task. This is why we have created this article with four of the most common commercial cleaning services that are offered. You can read this article and learn more about these four types of commercial cleaning services.

The type of professional commercial cleaners you need to hire for your business will depend on a lot of factors. You may only have occasional needs for commercial cleaners, or you may need everyday commercial janitorial cleaning. Whatever you are looking for, this guide will help you to better understand what you are getting from these commercial cleaning services.

Routine Commercial Cleaning

If you are needing to have commercial cleaning performed at your business on a regular basis, from daily to weekly to monthly cleaning, you will be interested in finding a good routine commercial cleaning service. Whether you are looking for office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, or even storefront cleaning, you should find a commercial cleaning service that can work on a regular schedule and will work around your business hours. 

For this type of commercial cleaning you will want the service to be doing cleaning tasks that you are needing to have done on a regular basis, like cleaning floors, dusting common areas and cleaning bathrooms. Your relationship with a routine commercial cleaner should be a strong one and you should feel like you can trust and depend on them.

A routine commercial cleaner will be an integral part of your business, though they will sort of work behind the scenes. You will need to work with the cleaning service to make sure that they are getting all of the cleaning that needs to be done at times that it will not be interfering with your business activities.

A good professional commercial cleaning service will start to know your business well and be able to get it clean in exactly the right way. Once they have learned your business’ needs, they will be able to do their work without bothering you with lots of questions or mistakes. 

Sanitation Audits

For health and safety reasons, you should be auditing the overall sanitation level of your business on a regular basis. This especially applies to food service businesses, but all businesses should have a sanitation audit performed periodically to make sure that the levels of sanitation are being maintained.

When a commercial cleaning company performs a sanitation audit, they will give your business a sort of score that you will be able to see what areas need improving and what areas need maintenance. Tracking your sanitation audits over time will give you an idea of how well your cleaning methods are working and in what areas you may need to improve.

Having sanitation audits will give your cleaning crew some goals to strive for and will let you know if they are lacking in any areas. It can be difficult to see progress or regression over time, but with regular sanitation audits you will get a better idea of how clean your business really is.

One Time Cleaning Services

If your business is small enough that regular employees can handle the routine cleaning, you will still probably want to hire commercial cleaners to help with bigger cleaning jobs that happen less often. This is where a one time cleaning service can help you out.

For things like power washing a parking lot, cleaning windows or doing a good deep cleaning, you can hire a commercial cleaning service that will come and work just on the occasions that you need them. You could also tell a cleaning service that you want them to help once a year, once a season, or on whatever schedule you are needing.

One time cleaning services are great for seasonal cleaning chores like getting rid of leaves in the fall. You can also call upon them if you are moving offices and want to have your old place deep cleaned after leaving or if you want your new office prepared for you to move into. If you come to the business one day and find it littered with graffiti, you can call up your one time cleaning service and they will take care of it for you.

You still may want to find a commercial cleaning service that you can work with whenever you have one time cleaning needs, that way you can develop a relationship and they will start to understand your business’ needs. 

Specific Maintenance Cleaning

If you have regular specific maintenance that you need done you can find a commercial cleaning service to do it for you. This could be for things like just cleaning the floors, just cleaning the blinds, or any other need that you can not rely on your regular employees to clean.

Hiring specific maintenance cleaning is great for jobs that need specialised equipment or specialised training that you can’t expect your regular employees to be proficient in. Polishing floors is a good example of the kind of thing a specific maintenance cleaner can do. It requires a large machine and some training to do, so you probably want to hire an outside firm to do it for you.

You can find the right commercial cleaner to do this work and they will work with your business to find the right schedule to perform the work and you will be able to trust them to do the cleaning in the right way. You can even mix a specific maintenance cleaning with the other services offered by a commercial cleaner to make sure that all of your business’ cleaning needs are being met.

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