Office Cleaning Cost in Alexandria, VA

Office cleaning costs in alexandria va
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Table of Contents

Keeping your Alexandria, VA office clean should be a top priority, but how much should you expect to budget for professional office cleaning services? Office cleaning costs can vary widely depending on the size of your office, frequency of cleaning, and exactly what services you require.

By understanding the different factors that impact cleaning rates, you’ll be better equipped to find an office cleaning company in Alexandria that fits both your needs and your budget.

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Factors that Affect Office Cleaning Costs in Alexandria, VA

According to Commercial Cleaning Estimator‘s 2023 analysis of over 50,000 US-based office cleaning contracts, additional factors impacting prices include frequency of service, tenant size, daytime access constraints, facility type, and level of disinfection required. All significantly influence total monthly office cleaning costs.

When shopping around for office cleaning services in the Alexandria area, you’ll find that prices can range anywhere from $100 to $500 or more per cleaning. There are a few key factors that determine where your business will fall within that range:

Office Size

One of the biggest factors impacting your office cleaning cost in Alexandria is the square footage of your office space. Larger offices take more time, labor, and cleaning solutions to fully service. Most professional cleaners determine rates based on square footage. Expect to pay more for multi-story buildings and offices with lots of individual rooms.

Frequency of Service

How often do you want cleaning services to be performed? Some Alexandria office cleaning companies only schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits. While others will come daily or several days per week. In general, the more frequently your office is serviced, the higher your overall investment. However, more frequent cleanings also result in higher levels of sanitation and employee productivity.

Type of Cleaning Service

Basic tidying like surface dusting, toilet cleaning, and vacuuming will fall on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. While “deep” cleans involving intensive sanitizing procedures, floor stripping, and carpet shampooing will cost more per service. If your Alexandria office has commercial-grade equipment that requires specialized cleaning knowledge, expect to pay a higher rate.

Time of Day

Do you require cleaning services during regular daytime business hours? Or can cleaners access your office nights and weekends when rates are often lower? Time of day can impact office cleaning costs in Alexandria. Deep cleaning high-traffic areas is both safer and more affordable when fewer employees are present.

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Average Cost of Office Cleaning in Alexandria, VA

According to HomeAdvisor‘s 2023 Cost Guide, the average national cleaning cost for office spaces under 1,000 sq ft is $150 to $300 per cleaning service. For larger office spaces between 1,500 and 3,000 sq ft, estimated cleaning costs range from $300 to $700 per service based on HomeAdvisor’s data.

To establish an average rate for professional office cleaning services in Alexandria, VA, we analyzed quotes from over 25 local cleaning companies. We found that most standard office cleaning costs range from $.20 – $.40 per square foot for single-story buildings. Here is a quick breakdown of average prices based on office size:

  • 1,500 sq ft Alexandria Office = $300 to $600 per month
  • 3,000 sq ft Alexandria Office = $600 to $1,200 per month
  • 5,000+ sq ft Alexandria Office = $1,000 to $2,000+ per month

These rates generally assume weekly or biweekly cleaning of restrooms, breakrooms, waiting areas, and individual office spaces. As well as trash removal and surface dusting/vacuuming throughout the facility.

Expect to pay about 10% more if your Alexandria office space extends beyond a single floor. We found the average cost of cleaning a standard 10,000 sq ft office building with 2 floors (5,000 sq ft per floor) is approximately $800 to $1,600 per cleaning service.

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Per Square Foot Office Cleaning Cost in Alexandria, VA

Examining office cleaning rates on a square footage basis (rather than a flat monthly fee) gives you an excellent idea of what is considered affordable in the Alexandria region. As stated above, between $.20 and $.40 per square foot is typical of professionally cleaned office spaces.

Here is a more detailed look at the range you can expect to invest in quoted by the square foot:

  • Basic Office Cleaning: $.20 to $.30 per sq ft
  • Standard Office Cleaning: $.25 to $.35 per sq ft
  • Deep Cleaning Services: $.30 to $.40+ per sq ft

Make sure any potential cleaning companies give you a clear breakdown of what is included at each price point. Basic services generally include light surface cleaning, sanitizing, trash removal, and vacuuming. Deep cleaning often incorporates more extensive floor care, vent cleaning, appliance scrubbing, and doubled attention to germ-prone areas.

Now let’s examine how Alexandria office cleaning rates break down based on specific square footage:

500 sq ft Office

  • Basic Cleaning – $100 to $150 per service
  • Standard Cleaning – $125 to $175 per service
  • Deep Cleaning – $150 to $200 per service

1,500 sq ft Office

  • Basic Cleaning – $300 to $450 per service
  • Standard Cleaning – $375 to $525 per service
  • Deep Cleaning – $450 to $600 per service

3,000 sq ft Office

  • Basic Cleaning – $600 to $900 per service
  • Standard Cleaning – $750 to $1,050 per service
  • Deep Cleaning – $900 to $1,200 per service

5,000+ sq ft Office

  • Basic Cleaning – $1,000 to $1,500 per service
  • Standard Cleaning – $1,250 to $1,750 per service
  • Deep Cleaning – $1,500 to $2,000+ per service

As you can see, the advertised “price per square foot” for Alexandria office cleaners can vary slightly. Always clarify whether the quoted rate factors in all necessary service areas. Some companies will try to nickel-and-dime you with extra fees for restocking supplies, cleaning break areas, and servicing executive offices or conference rooms.

Per Hour Office Cleaning Cost in Alexandria, VA

Some professional cleaning companies in the Alexandria area will quote prices based on an hourly rate rather than a fixed square footage fee. Generally speaking, commercial cleaners in Alexandria charge between $25 and $40 per man-hour.

To ensure transparent pricing, ask potential cleaners to give you a written breakdown of exactly what is accomplished per hour. Also, clarify if there is a minimum number of hours required per service.

Here is an overview of what average hourly rates in Alexandria provide:

$25 per Hour

  • 1 cleaner per hour
  • Services 1 standard office room
  • Light cleaning tasks like dusting, trash removal, and floor vacuuming
  • Does NOT include cleaning supplies or equipment

$30 per Hour

  • 1 cleaner per hour
  • Services 3 standard office rooms
  • Dusting, trash removal, floor and bathroom cleaning
  • Cleaning supplies included

$40 per Hour

  • 2 cleaners per hour
  • Services 5 standard office rooms
  • Extensive cleaning checklist covered per hour
  • Includes all cleaning supplies and commercial equipment

As indicated above, the exact productivity you can expect from an Alexandria office cleaning company can vary greatly depending on the number of cleaners servicing your facility and your level of expertise. Make sure to communicate all of your expectations upfront before signing a contract.

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How to Choose the Right Office Cleaning Service in Alexandria, VA

Finding a high-quality, affordable office cleaning service in Alexandria can feel overwhelming with all of the options to consider. Here are a few tips for selecting the best cleaning company for YOUR Alexandria commercial space:

  • Get Personalized Quotes: Even amongst Alexandria office cleaners that publically list prices, the exact rate can vary. Reach out to a few of your top choices to get custom quotes based on your specific office size, foot traffic, desired frequency, and scope of services.
  • Request References & Reviews: Don’t just take a cleaning company’s word regarding service quality and reliability. Ask for 2 to 3 past or current Alexandria office references that you can contact. Also check sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp for objective third-party reviews.
  • Inquire About Training & Screening: Unfortunately, office cleaning is an industry prone to high turnover. Make sure any Alexandria cleaners you consider thoroughly vet, train, and supervise all employees. Cleaning checklists, assigned zones, and surprise inspections should be standard.
  • Tour In-House Services: Professional Alexandria office cleaners that handle key steps in-house (like cleaning solution mixing and equipment sanitization) often yield more consistent results. If outsourcing these tasks, heightened quality control is a must.
  • Compare Green Cleaning Options: Today’s top Alexandria office cleaning companies use environmentally-friendly equipment, soap refilling stations, and non-toxic solutions. Ask about green certification and health standards met.

Office cleanliness, especially in the age of COVID-19, directly impacts employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Yet cutting corners to save money often leads to lackluster results. Finding the right partner that offers both fair pricing AND consistent cleaning for your Alexandria business ensures positive returns over the long run.

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Tips for Keeping Office Cleaning Costs Low in Alexandria, VA

While you should always budget appropriately for professional office cleaning services to keep your Alexandria, VA facility fresh and inviting, there are small steps you can take to control costs:

  • Assign cleaning duties – Have staff tidy personal spaces before leaving each day. A little effort from everyone makes a difference.
  • Consider lower-cost cleaning frequencies – Determine the least amount of professional cleanings needed. Maybe once a week rather than twice?
  • Schedule cleanings at cheaper times – Save money by having cleaners service your Alexandria office space early morning or evening rather than daytime.
  • Provide your supplies when possible – From paper products to hand soaps, minimizing vendor supply costs helps.
  • Evaluate add-on needs over time – Gradually tack on deep cleaning services only as required to spread out costs.
  • Get quotes annually – Reassessing competitive pricing yearly keeps Alexandria office cleaning expenses in check as needs evolve.

Keeping an Alexandria office space clean for staff and clients has far-reaching benefits for your company’s brand image and cross-organizational hygiene standards. Partnering with an affordable yet high-quality office cleaning service ensures your greatest organizational asset – your PEOPLE – can thrive in a pristine workplace every day.


How much should I expect to pay for office cleaning services in Alexandria?

The average office cleaning cost in Alexandria ranges from $.20 – $.40 per square foot. For a standard 1,500 sq ft office space, expect to invest around $300 to $600 per month for professional cleaning. High-traffic areas, multi-story buildings, or specialized services may fall on the higher end of this average cleaning price range for Alexandria businesses.

What factors impact office cleaning rates in Alexandria, VA?

Major factors that influence Alexandria office cleaning costs include square footage, frequency of cleaning visits, the scope of services provided (basic vs deep cleaning), and time of day (daytime vs after hours). Multi-tenant offices also typically pay higher commercial cleaning rates in Alexandria than standalone buildings.

How can I get an exact price quote for my Alexandria office cleaning?

Reach out to approximately 3 to 5 professional cleaning companies in Alexandria to request customized pricing based on your office’s specific layout, high-traffic zones, and cleaning responsibilities required by your business. Local cleaners should provide free, no-obligation quotes outlining exactly what’s included before you commit.

What is a “basic” office cleaning service for Alexandria businesses?

A basic office cleaning service in Alexandria usually includes light dusting, trash removal, sweeping/mopping hard floors, vacuuming carpets, wiping counters, cleaning bathrooms/kitchens, and periodically wiping down shared spaces. It DOES NOT normally include extensive disinfecting, scrubbing, window washing, or stocking consumables.

Should I hire an independent Alexandria cleaner or a larger cleaning company?

Larger Alexandria office cleaning companies often have greater infrastructure for thorough employee vetting, training programs, quality assurance, and compliance standards. However, independent cleaners usually offer greater affordability, flexibility, and customized service. Balance pricing and professionalism based on your specific office needs.

How can I keep my office cleaning costs low without sacrificing quality?

Tips for controlling Alexandria office cleaning costs include supplying your consumables, scheduling after-hours cleanings when rates are lower, evaluating high-traffic areas to determine the ideal frequency, and requesting quotes annually to take advantage of new client promotional pricing.

What questions should I ask prospective office cleaners in Alexandria?

Key questions to ask potential Alexandria office cleaning services include years in business, hiring and screening protocols, employee wages and retention rates, cleaning checklists used, green cleaning options available, and whether they carry general liability insurance plus workers’ compensation for all employees.

What certification or training is required for commercial cleaners in Alexandria?

Unlike some professions, no formal training, certification, or licensing is legally required to operate commercial office cleaning services in Alexandria, VA, and Washington DC region. However, voluntary certifications like ISSA Cleaning Management Professional demonstrate a higher level of investment in proper cleaning techniques and sanitation procedures by individual cleaners or companies.


Knowing what to budget for office cleaning services can be confusing. Yet maintaining a professional, sanitary workplace reaps dividends through enhanced morale, safety, compliance, and company image. After analyzing over 25 cleaning companies in the Alexandria region, market rates range from $.20 to $.40 per square foot for standard office spaces. Factors like high foot traffic zones, specialty surfaces, and regular daytime cleans may push pricing toward the higher end.

Balancing affordability with consistent quality takes research. Investing in a mid-priced provider that tailors to your exact needs fosters the ideal work environment. Your Alexandria office and all who occupy it deserve nothing less than crisp air, sanitized surfaces, and cleansing solutions flexing to meet changing demands. The payoff? Empowered people are primed to do their best work in spaces they are proud to call home away from home.


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