What Are The Types of Housekeeping Services?

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Table of Contents

Whether your house is a constant struggle to keep clean or you just want some help with regular tidying up, you are probably wondering about housekeeping services. There are a lot of types of housekeeping services that you can choose from for different needs.

Finding a great local housekeeping service ensures that you have your home cleaned and maintained by people who you can trust. There are so many housekeeping companies out there that offer different things, so you need to find one that suits your needs.

To help you understand the different housekeeping and cleaning services out there, we are sharing advice from our professional housekeepers on what to look for. This article will help you what to expect from housekeeping company to keep your house in excellent shape, always.

Deep Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

If your home hasn’t had a professional cleaning in a while, you might be in need of a deep cleaning service. This service will entail moving furniture to clean the dust, emptying cabinets to clean them out, scrubbing down sinks, cleaning tile grout and dusting in those hard to reach spots.

After a deep cleaning, your home will be like a new and fresh atmosphere that you will love and appreciate to no end. A deep cleaning service really breathes new life into your home and will help your feel calm and at peace without having to worry about cleaning anything.

Oftentimes when you try out a new cleaning service, they will require that their first visit is a deep cleaning service because they want to get your home to a baseline cleanly state. After that they may advise that you choose another service that is not so rigorous.

Recurring Housekeeping Service

If you want to have weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly housekeeping services at your home, you need a recurring service. When you hire this service for your home, you get to have a team or individual cleaner who gets to know your home and the way that you like it to be kept. 

Your housekeepers will maintain your home in a way that it always looks impressive and you can feel at peace. Once you have a recurring housekeeper, you will find that your house stays much cleaner because any sort of mess will stand out and get taken care of quickly.

A recurring housekeeping service is great for keeping dust levels down in your home which can irritate the lungs or the eyes. Dust builds up so easily, and having helpers to keep dust cleaned up is such a great thing for your health and your comfort in your home.

Full Time Housekeeper: Live Out

If you would like to have a housekeeper in your home most days of the week, a full time housekeeper is a great choice. You can choose to have one work in your home on a regular schedule, but then have their own residence for nights, weekends and holidays. 

For a full time housekeeping service you will pay them a salary based on the amount of work you expect. You can have a full time housekeeper take care of much more than just cleaning, they can take on any sort of household duty that you don’t have time for or don’t want to do.

Things that you can have a full time housekeeping service do for you are run errands, child care, laundry, dishes, cooking and so much more. If you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities that make domestic chores a challenge, a full time housekeeping service could be for you.

Full Time Housekeeping: Live In

This is a near identical service to a live out housekeeper, but this one lives on the grounds of your property. You will need to have enough space in your home, usually an entire bedroom and bathroom that is dedicated to your housekeeper.

Housekeepers are often very involved in child care and cooking and all other domestic affairs. You may only have monthly meetings with your housekeeper where you check in to see what types of support they need and what they can do differently.

Live-in housekeepers often come along on family vacations and take care of just about everything that you don’t want to do. This is a great service for those who have busy work lives that take up a significant amount of time.

Housekeeping Services Near Me

There are many different housekeeping services around the country with outstanding reputations and great reviews. To find one you might first try to ask your social circle if they know of any, whether a housekeeping agency or an independent housekeeper.

You can also try doing an online search to see how different companies have been reviewed online, but you must always pay attention to reviews and see exactly how people felt about the company and make sure they are legitimate.

When you start to inquire with different housekeeping services, make sure that you know exactly what you need done and that they are comfortable doing everything you need. Call at least three different housekeeping services and perform interviews to make sure they are a good fit for your house.

Housekeeping Services Prices

The national average for a house cleaning service is between $150 and $200 for a full day of cleaning. This price will depend upon how big your home is and the type of housekeeping services that you want to have done around your house.

A housekeeper will normally charge between $40 to $60 per hour for their services. If you hire a housekeeping agency,  you can expect to pay more because there will be overhead costs like liability insurance and they may provide more cleaning tools and supplies.

For a full time or live-in housekeeper, you can expect to pay them from $1800 to $4000 per month depending on the services you need and the cost of living in your area. Full-time housekeeping is a person’s only source of income, so they need to be able to afford all the necessities of life and be able to take vacations and eat nice meals.

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