How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Maid Service?

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Table of Contents

When you are busy with all of the important things going on in your daily life, sometimes tidying up and keeping your home clean can get left behind, and that is when you may need to hire a professional maid service. Of course, one of the things you will probably ask when you come to this point is “how much does it cost to hire a maid service?”

A maid service can mean different things to different people, so one of the first steps to figuring out how much does a maid service cost is to know what exact maid services you will be requiring in your life. The cost of a maid service will be based on where you live and how much work you expect the maid to do in your home.

In this article we will answer your questions about maid service cost so that you can know how much you can expect to pay. Getting a good idea of the average cost of a maid service will help you to find the right maid service at the right price.

Daily Maid Service Cost

When we talk about a daily maid service, we mean that you have a maid come into your home everyday and do some cleaning, possibly cooking, laundry, child care and possibly even running errands. You would need to work with your maid service to figure out exactly what sort of help they can give to you and if that will fit your needs.

The cost of this sort of service could range from $1,500 to $3,000 per month, imagining that they will spend eight hours per day five days per week working in your home. This will be largely based on the prevailing wages in your area which can be dictated by the cost of living. 

You may also have to provide parking for your maid as well as any cleaning supplies or other items they need to serve you in your home. There could be other costs involved with having a daily maid service like if they need to go to the dry cleaners often, or if there are running errands. For this you may even consider having a credit card that the maid can use to make work related purchases.

Weekly Maid Service Cost

If you would like to have maid service help around your home once per week, you can expect to pay about $150 per visit. The cost of a weekly maid service will depend on what day of the week you would like them to come, how much work you want the maid service to do and where you are located relative to the base of the maid service.

Weekly maid services will normally be able to supply their own cleaning supplies and tools, but you should speak with them before they come to your home to find out what is happening. Weekly maid services may also decide that they can give you a discount for signing a long term contract, like a six month contract or a one year contract.

A weekly maid service could be perfect when you need to have someone come to clean your home just once per week to make sure your home is looking as good as it can. This is a fairly common service that many cleaning companies will offer to customers.

One Time Maid Service Cost

If you only need a maid service on odd occasions like on a really busy week of work or before hosting a large gathering at your home, you might only need the help of a one time maid service. This will most likely cost you about $200 per visit.

This service costs more because you are not a regular customer like with a weekly, or daily maid service. They will not be getting as much business from you so you can expect to pay a little bit more.

They will also not get to know your home as well, so they can’t be sure of the condition of cleanliness so they want to make sure they are not getting way too much work for a day and then feeling like they didn’t charge enough.

You will most likely have to provide the cleaning supplies and tools for a one time maid service. This can be an added hassle for you, but if you already have all of the cleaning supplies required to clean your home it should not be a big deal.

Maid Service Vs. Independent Cleaners

You may be wondering about hiring an independent cleaner to do your maid service. These can often be a cheaper option, but there could be more work involved in terms of taxes and other logistical concerns.

When you hire a maid service company they take care of all of the payroll expenses, the tax withholding, the insurance and many other bureaucratic items. This can be considered part of the cost of using a trusted maid service company and will be some of the reason for a higher price in some cases. 

If you decide to hire an independent cleaner they are considered your employee for taxes and other reasons, so you will have to decide if you want to withhold taxes for them, or if you want them to take care of that you can treat them as an independent contractor.

The maid service that you hire should have some knowledge about taxes and everything, so they should tell you what you can do about all of that. Knowing something about the tax consequences of hiring a cleaning service is part of life that you may need to be prepared to enter. 

Independent cleaners may also need you to supply the house cleaning supplies and the cleaning tools to do the job. This can be worked out with the person who you are considering to hire for your maid service needs. It may seem like and independent cleaner has a lower price tag, but in the end there may be more work to this that you were not expecting and that may not fit your lifestyle. 

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