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Are you so busy (and so tired at the end of the day!) that you can’t bring yourself to do any housecleaning? We understand. Sometimes all we want to do when we get home is sleep, not sweep. Here are some simple tips from the best maid services in Arlington to help you keep your house spic and span even when you don’t have much time or energy.

Get multi-purpose cleaning products

When you’re exhausted, the last thing you need to worry about is lugging around a heavy basket of cleaning products and switching tools for every area of the house. Save yourself the trouble and just get an all purpose cleaner, a bottle of bleach and water solution, clean rags, and a scrub brush. These can already get rid of a lot of the grime and dirt in the bathroom and kitchen. Just bear in mind that you won’t get everything as sparkly and squeaky clean as you would with specialized cleansers or hiring maid services in Arlington, but at least you won’t feel like you’re living in a dump.

Make cleaning tools really accessible

Put cleaning products and tools in a basket so that you don’t have to waste time wondering where you put your scrub brush (plus, it’s easier to move them room-to-room when you’re doing general cleaning).

However, one of the best tips we ever heard was to keep rags or microfiber cloths in every room. That way, you can sneak in a little cleaning here and there: dust while watching TV, or wipe down the bathroom counter while brushing your teeth.

Clean as you go

It’s easier to maintain a relatively neat home rather than wait for the mess to get out of control then do a major spring cleaning. So if you’re washing the dishes, brush down the sink. After watching TV in the living room, give the room a quick once-over with the vacuum cleaner to get rid of crumbs.

So if your house is a major mess right now, try hiring maid services in Arlington to get it in order and then all you have to worry about is doing spot cleaning a few minutes each day. That’s definitely

Dust from Top to Bottom, and Inside Out

If you’re dusting or wiping the house, start with the ceiling and top shelves before cleaning the furniture and the floors. That way you don’t have to sweep your floor all over again because of whatever dirt fell from the top.

For the same reason, start mopping from the center of the house, going out towards the door. Usually, the dirtiest areas of the house are those near the exits because everyone tracks in the dirt. If you start cleaning there, you end up dirtying your mop and spreading the mud.

Use your steamer

Do you have a steamer you use for your clothes? Here’s a great cleaning hack: use it to loosen the dirt in your bathroom walls and kitchen counters, upholstery and window treatments. The blast of hot air will work wonders in getting rid of stubborn slime, grit and stains.

But let’s be honest: for a truly hassle-free way to a perfectly clean home, hire maid services in Arlington. It’s more affordable than you think!


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