The Ultimate New Construction Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate New Construction Cleaning Checklist
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Finishing building a house is one of those great feelings that some people are fortunate enough to get to feel, but something that comes with that great feeling is construction cleaning. Maybe you only get to finish a house once in your life, or you could be a person who gets to finish many houses as part of your work. To remember all of the steps to clean the new house up, you should have a post construction cleaning checklist to help remember all of the steps.

Getting started filling the new house with furniture and creature comforts will be the first thing you want to do, but getting through the new construction house cleaning checklist needs to be finished before the house starts feeling like a home. It is really important to get through every item on a construction clean up checklist, because it will never be as easy to clean as when there is nothing in the house.

This article will use some ideas from our post construction cleaning professionals to create the ultimate new construction cleaning checklist. This can be like having a checklist of construction cleaning services cheatsheet in your hands. Keep this list handy when you are cleaning a new house and you will be sure to have the place totally ready for furniture to move in and memories to start being made.

Clean the Ceiling First

It is always smart to start your cleaning at the top of the room. This way, as you kick up dust and particles that came from construction they will fall to the ground and you can clean them later when you clean that area.

If you were to start cleaning at the floor first, you would get done cleaning, then you would clean the ceiling and all of the construction dust would fall onto the floor and you would have to clean the floor again. Starting from the top is a great way to make sure that you are not doing the same job twice, which saves you a lot of time.

Use A Shop Vacuum

To do the best job possible of post construction cleaning, you are going to need to use a heavy duty shop vacuum. This will be able to handle all of the dust and any liquids that may be left over from the construction process.

If you try to use a normal household vacuum cleaner on a post construction cleaning job, it will likely break down and you will be ruining your vacuum. There is simply too much dust and particles that a normal vacuum cleaner can’t handle.

Clean the Bathtub/ Shower Stall and Sinks

The bathtub and/ or shower stall are critical areas of a post construction clean up because they will collect a lot of dust and you need to get it out while it is dry. You should use your shop vac for cleaning the bathtub or shower because getting the dust out dry and not sending it down the drain will help the drains not get clogged.

Usually you will have some dry wall dust that came from the construction process, or in the bathroom you can have tile dust. These sorts of dust can get into the drain and possibly clog it up, which would be really unfortunate for a new home to have clogged drains.

Hopefully, you thought that during construction it was a good idea to block the drains with some painters tape so that not much dust can go in. It is still a good idea to get all of that dust out before it enters the drains.

Wash Windows

You may need to pull the stickers off of new windows, but you should do that after an initial wash. The stickers can protect the glass, so leaving them on as long as nobody is living in the home can be a good idea.

When you wash the windows, pay special attention to any of the window tracks where the window slides so that it can open. If these areas are not cleaned, construction dust might damage the tracks and then the windows won’t feel like new windows and could be hard to open and close.

It is a good idea to use a window cleaner and make sure to get all the little corners and edges of the windows clean and clear. Use a soft cloth when washing windows, or a paper towel.

Dust and Vacuum Vents

The ventilation system of a house can get all full of construction dust and it is smart to make sure that you get them as clean as possible before you need to turn them on. If you don’t clean them well, they could shoot out a whole load of construction dust when you turn them on and ruin all of your cleaning work or furniture.

If you have a nice, long attachment for your shop vac, remove the vent covers and use it to reach as far into the vents as you can. Cleaning the vent covers can be done if you remove them and you can even take them outside and hose them off, then dry them thoroughly before you put them back on.

Kitchen Cabinets

Depending on when in the construction process the kitchen cabinets were installed, they could be totally covered in dust that should be removed before moving into the house. You want to clean the inside as well as the outside of the cabinets.

You should pay special attention to shaker cabinets or any cabinets with horizontal surfaces that can trap some dust. Get all of the dust off of those surfaces and try to get it out of any little corners or crevices.

This is going to be your best opportunity to truly get your cabinets clean before they fill up with all the kitchen goods that they will be used to store.

Finish With The Floors

The last step in your post construction cleaning should be vacuuming the floors and mopping hard surface floors. You may even need to clean the floors twice to make sure that all of the debris is captured.

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