What is the Best Season to Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

What is the Best Season to Have Your Carpets Cleaned?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

All four seasons have their advantages and disadvantages, spring is when flowers bloom but it can get muddy, summer is when we usually get to take a vacation but it can be too hot, fall is when we harvest our produce but then everything starts to die and winter is overall pretty bad unless you like snowsports. These seasonal differences are also true about carpet cleaning, you can find advantages and disadvantages before hiring a carpet cleaner during each season.

If you are wondering what is the true best season to have your carpets cleaned, the real answer is that you need to find the season that works for you. The best option would be to have a carpet cleaning service four times a year, but that is not possible for most people, so you will want to pick the best seasons to fit your lifestyle and your climate.

In this article we will go over the advantages and disadvantages of having your carpet cleaned during each season so that you will be able to make an informed decision about what timing is best for you and your carpet. You can use this information to help you decide which is the best time of year to clean your carpet and you should also consult with your local carpet cleaners to see what is the best season in your area.


Spring is the typical time that we do a lot of cleaning around the house, so it seems it would be a great time to hire a carpet cleaner as well. You will start to be able to open your windows and doors as the temperature outside increases so you can have ideal conditions for drying your carpet after cleaning. 

After being all cooped up in the house during the winter, it would make sense that you would want to get all the dirt that may have been tracked in out of your carpet. But spring can also be a very muddy season in some places that get spring rains or snow melt. With more mud outside, you are more likely to track mud onto your freshly cleaned carpet, so be sure to have a no shoes on the carpet policy.

Spring does have good weather for carpet cleaning in many areas, when temperatures start to climb but there is not too much humidity. You can take this good weather opportunity to open all your doors and windows and let your freshly cleaned carpet really air out so it has that extra spring freshness.

Windy days can also help after a carpet cleaning to dry the carpet, so if spring is a windy season for you, it could be good to book a carpet cleaning in the spring. Especially if you are having a carpet steam cleaning performed it can help to have good weather for drying as steam cleaning uses more moisture and it is important to get the carpet really dry afterwards.


One of the great advantages of carpet cleaning in the summer season is that it is the best time to be spending outdoors if you have to keep off of your carpet for a period after cleaning. Usually you only need to stay off the carpet for six hours to overnight, but in summer you might just want to schedule a camping trip to coincide with carpet cleaning so that you can really let your carpet rest after the cleaning and it will look great when you return.

Summer heat seems like the perfect time for drying a carpet, but if you live somewhere that has high humidity in the summer it might do the opposite, the moisture could just get trapped as the air won’t be able to absorb any more of it. You should consult your carpet cleaning professional to ask if summer has good conditions for carpet cleaning in your area.

If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the summer, it could be good for your carpet because there won’t be as much traffic after the cleaning and it will stay clean longer. But maybe you would like to have your carpets cleaned at a time where you will be spending more time inside to enjoy it, this is all a personal preference that you can decide on yourself.


In the fall the air gets that wonderful crisp feeling that also makes us want to stay inside a bit more. You also know that the holidays are just around the corner so you may be hosting guests and it could be good to have clean carpets to receive them.

The weather is still usually pretty warm and dry to help in drying out after carpet cleaning, so fall really is a great time of the year to do carpet cleaning. As you prepare to spend more time indoors, you may want to get your carpets all cleaned so that you can enjoy them more.

You may want to consider that while it would be nice to have clean carpets for the holidays, they might soon be walked all over and it may not always work out to enforce a no shoes policy with lots of guests coming and going. Your newly cleaned carpets could be looking dirty before you feel you got your money’s worth, so consider that when deciding which season is best for you to do carpet cleaning.


During those cold winter months it can be a real treat to curl up with a book and cup of coffee on a freshly cleaned carpet. You will be spending lots of time indoors, so having the better quality of air that can come with a carpet cleaning can be a big bonus. 

The weather is the thing that is the disadvantage of carpet cleaning in the winter months, but there are certainly ways to overcome it. Cold, wet weather can make drying a carpet slower, so you want to consider this if you want your carpets cleaned in the winter.

If you do dry carpet cleaning the weather won’t be a factor because it is very low moisture so you need very little drying time. If dry carpet cleaning is not an option, you can still get your carpets dry using blowers and heaters to help speed up the drying process, but this is extra work that you may not want to take on.

Winter is certainly a bad time to do DIY carpet cleaning by renting carpet cleaning machines. You will have to do a lot more work to try and dry the carpet properly, so you should definitely hire a carpet cleaning service during the winter months.

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