Upholstery Cleaning Tips to Make Your Furniture Look Like New Again

Upholstery Cleaning Tips to Make Your Furniture Look Like New Again
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you have some beloved furniture in your home that is not looking or smelling its best, you are probably wondering about upholstery cleaning. Luckily, there are a lot of awesome upholstery cleaning methods and hacks out there to get your furniture looking amazing with a minimal effort. 

Being able to clean your furniture can save you some money and be a good idea for the planet, that is why finding good upholstery cleaners is the smart choice. When you figure out how to be your own upholstery cleaner you can have a lot more control over the condition of your furniture. 

To help you save your favorite furniture we have asked our professional upholstery cleaning experts to share their best upholstery cleaning tips in this article. Of course, if you ever need a hand you can contact our upholstery cleaning service to make your furniture like new.

Check The Cleaning Codes On Your Furniture

Beige couch cleaning

Most pieces of furniture come with a label that has cleaning codes on it so that you can use the right products on it. The labels are often stapled onto the bottom of the furniture, out of sight but there for when you need it.

A “W” means that it is safe to use water and water based cleaners on your upholstery. An “S” signifies that you should only use solvent based cleaners on the upholstery, and water could damage an S furniture. 

If your label says “S/W” you can feel free to use a solvent or water based cleaner for your furniture. Choosing the right cleaner will make your upholstery last much longer so that you can enjoy it.

Best Upholstery Cleaning Starts With Vacuuming

Couch cleaning with vacuum

If your goal is to make your upholstery last for a long time, the best method is to use your vacuum cleaner often. Your vacuum removes all the particles that can so easily get wedged in between upholstery fibers and make them wear out far before they should.

Your vacuum cleaner should have an upholstery cleaner that will be perfect for lifting all of the dirt and food particles that can get onto your upholstery over the course of a day. You can find the appropriate setting on your vacuum to make sure it is picking up everything that it needs to.

When you let particles sit on your upholstered furniture too long, they make their way deep into the upholstery to a certain point where they can’t be removed. The particles can be a breeding ground for bacteria or fungi, and they will damage the fibers.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning

Mattress cleaning

Finding the right dry cleaning techniques for your upholstery can help it look as good as possible and smell amazing too. The trick is to use as little moisture as possible, and then to clean it up as soon as you possibly can. 

Use a gentle detergent on your upholstery with as little water as you can manage for the best upholstery cleaning results. You can dampen a rag with a cleaning solution, then gently wipe the furniture so that the cleaning solution just barely moistens the surface.

Then use a dry rag or towel to blot at the upholstery and wick up any moisture that is on the surface. You could also use a wet vacuum if you have one handy to pick up even more of the moisture from the cleaning solution. 

Clean All Spills Fast

Mattress cleaning

Spills are inevitable on most pieces of furniture that are used regularly without protection. If you don’t want those spills to turn into stains that will ruin your furniture, cleaning them fast is the key to your success and the survival of your furniture.

If it is a dry spill, you can vacuum up the mess and be sure that you pick up everything that spilled. For a wet spill, you must use more tact and might have to use a special cleaner if the spill has a color that could stain like wine or blood.

First use a dry rag to blot up whatever has spilled as best as possible. Never rub on a spill on upholstery because that could actually push the stain deeper into the fibers and it will be more difficult to remove.

It may seem counterintuitive, but after you blot up the spill, diluting it by adding more water could actually help it to not make a stain. Use a damp rag with pure water and dab at the spill, then use a dry rag and keep doing this process until all of the stain is gone.

You Can Use Baby Wipes to Maintain Upholstery

Wet wipes

Baby wipes are made to be a gentle cleaner, so they are also a great tool for keeping your furniture looking beautiful. Just wipe down your upholstery with a baby wipe once or twice a week, and it will be much better off.

Baby wipes are perfect for leather, cotton or polyester upholstery so you can keep some on hand if your upholstery is made from these materials. A great strategy is to keep a travel size package of baby wipes near your furniture in case a spill should occur.

Simply wipe the spill anytime they happen and you won’t have to worry about a stain sticking around. Baby wipes are really a home cleaners best friend, and you can use them on carpets or table clothes just like on upholstery.

Household Spot and Stain Removers

Cleaning supplies

If you don’t see a stain when it happens, there are a few items around the house that could be useful to remove it. Try out a few of these stain removers the next time your upholstery gets a stain:

  • Sprinkle Table Salt- Good old salt can help with red wine stains, as well as grease and oil marks.
  • Vinegar and Club Soda- These products work on a plethora of upholstery stains and if you are not sure what made the offending mark, try these classic cleaners.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- If a little blood gets on your upholstery, hydrogen peroxide will knock it out quick!
  • Rubbing Alcohol- If you have a solvent only upholstery, rubbing alcohol could be safe to use on your stains.

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