Top Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks In Vienna VA

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Carpets are a great addition to your home. It spoils your feet with its soft texture. But it’s more challenging to maintain carpets than your hardwood floor. That’s because they’re more susceptible to stains and damage. They need extra tender loving care from you to keep their optimal condition.

If you’re finding ways to professionally maintain them, then you’re in the right place. We are featuring the best carpet cleaning tips as we have years of experience in the industry.

Fast Maid Service is your leading carpet cleaning Vienna, VA. We are excited to share with you our valuable tips and tricks for carpet cleaning. Keep reading to find out more.

Invest in a quality vacuum 

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you will need a reliable vacuum to suck all the dirt and grime. There are different kinds of vacuums, but you can have the stick or canister type for your home.

A steam carpet cleaner is most suitable but it’ll be costly. Your best alternative is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. It’s cheaper and more efficient than buying an expensive steam carpet cleaning machine.

Clear off things on your carpet

You need to prepare your carpets before vacuuming. This ensures your vacuum won’t be destroyed after cleaning. So, you need to remove those bulky items from your carpets. It can be your child’s toys, a coin, or anything that can get stuck when sucked by your vacuum.

Blot spills immediately

Spilled drinks or water can damage your carpets. If you don’t blot them, it can weaken the fibers and create a suitable breeding ground for molds. Use a cloth or paper towel for blotting those spills on your carpets. Once done with that, you can proceed by vacuuming your carpets. 

Use proper carpet cleaning solutions

Powder detergent isn’t the best solution for washing your carpets. If you ask a professional carpet cleaner, they can recommend suitable cleaning agents for deodorizing and washing your carpets.

Some of these are commercially sold in stores while others can be made at home. At Fast Maid Service, we only use cleaning solutions that are friendly to fabrics, pets, and children. There’ll be no harmful residues on the fabric that can harm your pets and children.

Pre-treatment is needed for hard stains

Pre-treatment is part of our tips for cleaning carpets. There are several solutions in the market you can use for this. The main purpose of pre-treating your carpets is to soften the stain. These can be organic stains from your pet’s urine, spilled drinks, or blood.

Typically, carpet pre-treatment lasts for 15 minutes to an hour depending on how hard it is to remove the stain. We recommend this process for carpet cleaning tips for pet owners.

Before doing this, make sure to read the washing instructions for your carpets. This is to ensure you never harm the fabrics.

Parallel strokes with a slight overlap 

Using your vacuum, do parallel strokes when vacuuming your carpets. Overlapping strokes is alright as long as you keep the same stroke direction. You can use an upright or canister vacuum for your carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning carpet tips 

Steam cleaning is one of the best methods for deeply cleansing your carpets. As a professional carpet cleaner, we have been doing this for many clients, and they’re very happy with the outcome. The steam softens out stains while disinfecting carpets. Plus, it doesn’t damage the fabric.

When you’ll be steam cleaning carpets, here are some tips:

  • Clear off items on your carpets
  • Spot clean stains
  • Steam clean in one direction
  • Check your carpet’s condition before finishing the task

These are some tips for steam cleaning your carpet. If you need more, feel free to reach out to us.

Never soak your carpets too long 

If you plan to soak your carpets in a cleaning solution, don’t do it overnight since it can damage the fabric. You’ll never know if the cleaning agent can loosen your carpet or discolor them.

Oftentimes, carpet soaking lasts for 30 minutes to an hour. But that depends on the stains present on the fabric. If it’s a stubborn stain, it could be soaked longer, or another cleaning solution will be used.

Maintain proper air ventilation 

When cleaning your carpets, you need to keep your windows open to let fresh air come in while letting excess moisture go out. The smell of the stains on your carpets doesn’t also get saturated inside your house.

Professional carpet cleaners sometimes take your carpets outside for washing and drying. That way, we are avoiding water damage on other items inside your house.

Rotate your furniture

If you want to avoid indents on your carpets, then rotating your furniture is your best solution. This allows other points on your carpet to receive the weight of the furniture. There are also times you can place some rubber padding underneath the foot of your furniture’s legs to serve as a cushion on the carpet.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner near you

When you don’t have the time to handle this cleaning chore, pass this to a professional cleaning company. They have the proper equipment and experience in washing and removing stains on carpets. 

At Fast Maid Service, we offer the best carpet cleaning service. We make it personal for this matter since we understand how demanding it is to restore your carpet’s reputation.

We hope you like our carpet cleaning tips in Vienna. We want you to have a hassle-free time washing your carpets. In case you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We give free quotes and advice on carpet cleaning and house cleaning. Our cleaning ladies are the best in the field. We train them every year to acquire the best practices in the industry.

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