Top 4 Post Construction Cleaning Checklist in College Park, MD

Top 4 Post Construction Cleaning Checklist in College Park
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

While getting finished with a construction project is exciting, there is also the construction cleaning checklist in College Park, MD that must be considered. A post construction cleaning checklist will help make sure that the new space is totally ready to be furnished and made a comfortable and beautiful place.

Construction cleaning in College Park is something that needs to be taken seriously. Using a final construction cleaning checklist is a perfect solution to ensure you don’t forget any of the vital steps to get it done right. 

Whether you are looking for a new home construction cleaning checklist, or a renovation construction cleaning checklist, we have asked our experts from our top construction cleaning service in College Park, MD for their top four tips. Use this new construction cleaning checklist and your space will be clean and ready to be enjoyed.

Use a Shop Vacuum to Get All the Dust

Floor cleaning

There is a lot of dust after a construction job, and having a high quality shop vac will get it all up easier. Shop vacs are made for heavy duty use and you can suck up all kinds of construction dust without it breaking down like a regular home vacuum will.

The best strategy for dust cleaning after a construction project is to start from the top of the space. Run the shop vac across all of the ceiling, paying special attention to any corner, light fixtures or anything else that collects dust.

You also need to make sure that you vacuum out any air ducts. Take off the grill from the air duct and reach your shop vacuum as far into the vent as possible to remove the dust. 

If you don’t vacuum out the air ducts, the first time you turn them on a whole bunch of dust might come flying out and ruin your whole cleaning job! That is never good and you should definitely take measures to avoid that.

You may even try running your air system before you start cleaning, that will knock out some dust so that there is less chance it will be a problem later. You should still try to do some vacuuming in the duct though, as you can never be too careful with this step.

Clean Any Windows

Window cleaning

Dust can be really bad for windows, not only because they will be cloudy looking, but because window tracts can get damaged. Dust particles are abrasive to the tracts, which need to be smooth to allow easy opening and closing.

Taking care to clean out the window tracts will make the windows last longer and work better the whole time. Especially if you have had new windows put in, you want them to work like new for as long as possible and you will enjoy them a lot more.

You should use a high quality glass cleaner on new windows. Make them as clear as possible because it is important that they look their best while they are new.

You could vacuum the windows to get the dust off first. This will make it so that you don’t scratch the glass when you are wiping off thick layers of dust.

Whether you are hoping to sell, rent out or use your finished construction site, getting the windows clean will make a big impact. Buyers and renters will look at the windows and if they are not clean, that could make them choose another space instead of yours.

Pay Special Attention to Places Where Furniture or Appliances Will Sit

2 men carrying a furniture

 If you know where you are going to put furniture or appliances, it is especially important to get those areas as clean as possible. Once you have installed the furniture or appliances, you will never get another chance to clean there and the dust could cause problems later.

It is best to get off to a fresh start when you have finished a construction job, and getting all the nooks and crannies where appliances and furniture are going to be placed is a top priority. This will make it so that when you are moving into the space, your things won’t get dirty and you won’t have to clean them.

You should clean walls that will get covered by furnishings. If the walls stay dusty it could still get kicked up once the space is occupied and will be a dusty mess that might make someone feel sick.

If you don’t know where furniture will be placed, you just have to do the best possible cleaning job you can in every spot. You can use a feather duster to make sure that no dust gets stuck down by static forces.

When it comes to a newly finished kitchen, cleaning the spaces where appliances will go is the most important thing to complete. The kitchen appliances will be big and difficult to move at a later time, so getting the spots clean is a critical step.

Mop the Floors

Mop and a wet floor sign

One of the final steps of cleaning up after a construction job is to get the floors cleaned and ready to be moved onto. There will be a ton of dust on the floor, and getting it up will be a challenge, but it is something you can handle. 

You may need to mop the floors more than once to get every spec of dust. That second or third mopping can make the difference between the space looking like a brand new place, or like it is still under construction.

You can try to change the mop bucket water more often as you pick up more dust. This way you can pick up more of the construction dust instead of spreading it around.

Having a high quality mop will help you to be more effective at getting rid of all of the construction dust. You can talk with your local cleaning supply store to find the best mop that will clean up drywall dust that is difficult to remove.


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