Step-By-Step Move-In Cleaning Checklist In Vienna, VA

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

While getting a new home is about as exciting as it gets, you also need to think about move in cleaning. It may not be the most fun idea, but planning your move in cleaning in Vienna, VA makes your new place so much more enjoyable.

Doing a move in deep cleaning gives you the peace of mind that your new house is as clean and sanitary as possible. If you are thinking of doing a move in cleaning in Vienna, you might be wondering about the best place to start your task.

To help you make your new home as amazing as possible, our cleaning experts will share their professional move in cleaning checklist. With this checklist, you can save on the move in cleaning cost and do it yourself.

Always Begin At The Ceiling

To start out your move in cleaning, it is best that you get all of the dust off of the ceiling. Many people don’t clean the ceiling when they move out, so you want to be sure to hit those hard to reach areas.

When you begin with the ceiling, you are saving yourself some extra effort. This fact is because you will kick up dust that will float to the lower down areas.

If you had already cleaned down on the floor or countertop, you would be putting the dust right back where you just cleaned. Starting with the ceiling is cleaning smarter, not harder!

Clean Behind and Underneath Appliances

If your new home comes with heavy appliances installed, it’s very likely they have some dirt and dust hiding behind and underneath them. To get a truly fresh start, move those suckers out of their places and get their nether regions sparkling clean.

There could be all sorts of dust and debris down there, so be prepared with some gloves and a garbage sack. You might even find some lost treasures that could surprise, or shock you.

You can also give the bodies and undersides of your appliances a good scrubbing. Refrigerators especially need to have their back sides cleaned to help them work more efficiently.

Clean The Bathrooms

Pretty early on in your cleaning process, you want to clean the bathrooms. That way, you can have a totally sanitary place to go if nature calls.

You can use a fair amount of bleach or other strong cleaners in the bathroom. The thought of other people’s lingering hair, skin cells and goodness knows what else is yucky.

Be sure to scrub that space behind and underneath the toilet. Most people skip that when they are leaving, and they may not have cleaned there in years!

Clean Fingerprints and Other Marks Off the Walls

Dirty walls are not good to look at, so getting those surfaces clean right away is critical. While you are cleaning the walls, you can think about repainting them, or decorating them to look the way you want.

Painting is one of the best ways to freshen up your new home, and cleaning the walls ensures that a new coat of paint will stick for years. You can use a small amount of dish soap and warm water to clean the walls.

A great trick for tough marks is a magic eraser. This product really seems like magic, and it is the professional secret of many cleaning companies around the country.

Clean Baseboards and Other Trim

The baseboards of a house are one of those spots that none likes to clean. They also build up a lot of dust and debris because they are so near to the floor.

When you move into a new house, it’s critical to clean off the baseboards to get a fresh start. If you fail to get the baseboards clean, they could one day kick up some old dust or dead skin that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Many baseboards could get covered up by dressers, side tables or couches, so you won’t have easy access to them in the future. Get them clean from the start, and you will be much happier in your new abode.

Bleach The Drains

A lot of gunk and slime can build up in the drains of a house, and each one should be cleaned when you move in. Under the sinks you can find the P traps, which block sewer gases from coming into your living space with a layer of standing water.

P trops are a vital part of your house’s plumbing, but they can also be a home to bacteria and drain flies. A P trap is easy to remove with your hands by unscrewing the two nuts, and be sure to have a bucket underneath to catch the water that will fall down.

Then you can scrub out the inside of the pipe, and let it sit in a bucket of bleach water for an hour. Alternatively, you can pour some strong bleach water into each drain and let the solution work for an hour before flushing it with regular hot water.

Clean The Windows and Sills

Getting your windows truly clean allows you to enjoy all the glory of the natural light that comes through them. There is nothing more disappointing than looking through a dirty window that obscures your view.

You want to clean more than just the glass though. Some other parts that should be cleaned when you move in are:

  • Window tracts- the tracts allow your windows to slide open. If they get dirty, they can become damaged and your windows will be hard to open and close.
  • Screens- your screens should be impeccably clean and free of damage. If any screens have holes, patch them, or replace the screens to ensure insects don’t bother you.
  • Sills- many people forget to clean the window sill when they move out, so you should do it when you move in.
  • Trim- the trim around windows can easily be neglected and start to look shabby. You might consider cleaning them, then giving them a fresh coat of paint to make them pop.

Your windows are a beautiful feature of your home, and you want them looking their best. Give them a good cleaning and you will be much happier everyday.

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