Smart Tips for Move Out Cleaning in Burke, VA

Smart Tips for Move Out Cleaning in Burke, VA
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

When you are leaving a house there can be a flood of emotions, and you can easily forget all about the task of doing a move out cleaning. When you are scrambling to get out of your old house and into your new one, it can help to use a checklist for move out cleaning in Burke, VA. 

Moving out can be straight up bewildering with all of the boxes packed and maybe not being able to find any socks to wear for the moving day. Getting some excellent move out cleaning tips in Burke, VA can help you keep your head on straight and your shoes on the right feet.

To help you with your difficult moving process, we have asked our expert move out cleaning service in Burke, VA to share their best move out cleaning tips with you. You can use this guide as a moving out cleaning checklist in Burke, VA that will make your whole process so much easier!

Wait For Everything To Be Moved Out

Family moving out from house

It can be hard to wait sometimes, but having everything out of the house is the best way to start your move out cleaning. If you try to start cleaning before the house is empty, you are pretty likely to make a mess while moving the boxes and furniture and you will have to clean again.

This is really just a time and frustration saving measure that makes it so you don’t have to clean twice as hard for the same results. Being patient and waiting for everything in the house to be clear to start cleaning is a winning strategy that has been used for decades.

If you can’t get everything out of the house, try starting by clearing one room and then starting to clean it while it is empty. Keep doing that until you have no more rooms and then hopefully there will still be the time to get the remaining rooms clean.

Start High

Men cleaning ceiling fan

It is really best to start any cleaning from the highest point, for move out cleaning that is going to end up being the ceiling, because the house needs a full cleaning. When you start up high, if you kick some dust up, it will land on the floor and you can clean it up later.

If you started on the floor or countertops of something in the middle, you could later kick dirt off of higher places and then need to clean something twice. Cleaning a house twice is never fun, and especially difficult when you are expected to be getting all the way out of your house at a certain time.

You can probably get by with just using a duster to clean the ceiling and any light fixtures up there. You may need to do some scrubbing if there are any more difficult scuffs to take care of but you need to judge that on your own time. 

Don’t Forget The Cabinets

Wiping cabinets

It can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be cleaned during a move out, but one thing that is too often skipped is the cabinets. It can get really gross inside of cabinets while you use them everyday, so giving them a thorough cleaning will make a big difference.

You want to have everything out of the cabinets of course, then start with a duster on the insides of the shelves. Once you do a dry dusting, take a damp rag and wipe all of the surfaces of the inside of the cabinets.

If there is a space above the cabinets, there is going to be a whole lot of dust that you will need to clean up there. It may help to have a step ladder to help you reach. Clean all of the dust away with some soap and water.

You are also going to need to scrub all of the doors and handles with some soapy water. Make sure that the finish on the cabinets can withstand water, as you would not want to be responsible for some damage at the last minute before moving out.

Get Down And Dirty In The Bathroom

Female cleaner cleaning sink

It is so important to be empathetic these days, and you must admit that one of your greatest hopes is that the person who lived in a house before you cleaned the bathroom well. Getting the bathroom to a spotless condition is super kind to the next people who live there and is sort of like paying it forward.

The bathroom should be the last place that you clean though, because you want to be able to use it while you are doing your move. That way it is as clean as possible for the next people to arrive and the world can go on in a perfect harmony.

Be extra careful to clean that space that is behind the toilet. It is so often neglected by move out cleaners and is one of the most disgusting parts of the house because it traps dirt, hairs and goodness knows what else.

Final Step Is The Floors

Female cleaner wiping wood floor

Like with starting on the ceiling, the floors are the very last part of a move out cleaning. You don’t want to clean them before you are finished moving, because it is a little more than likely that they will just get dirty again while you move your things out. 

Be sure to do a thorough vacuuming and sweeping to get all of the dry particles cleaned up first. The next step is to use a mop on any hard floors like tile or hardwood. 

Don’t use too much water while you are mopping, be sure that you wring out the mop well before you start going over the floor again. Make sure that the floor is drying fast and don’t walk on it while it is still wet.

Hire A Move Out Cleaning Company

2 move out personnel

Moving out is hard enough, without the stress of cleaning your place to a spotless wonder. If your security deposit is on the line, it is even more imperative that you hire the pros to do all of your move out cleaning.

Sometimes there is just no time for cleaning during the moving process. That is why move out cleaning services step up and take on the task that you don’t have time for.

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