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Our company prides itself in the services that we always provide to our clients:

Premium quality cleaning service in Rockville, MD that will not just meet your expectations but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service provides!

Looking for the best cleaning service can be tough, but your long search is now finally over! With Fast Maid Service, your leading cleaning service provider, you can just relax while the cleaning is taken care of.

We are more than equipped to handle all your cleaning needs in entire Rockville, MD We are here ready so that you can expect a cleaning service that is excellent and affordable. All that you need to do is call us and we’ll be there for you at a moment’s notice.

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Premium quality cleaning service that will not just meet your expectation but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service provides!


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Our people are all duly trained in their job and they take pride in taking care of their clients.

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Fast Maid Service is operated by people who know and appreciate the value of cleanliness, time and the trust that clients have for us. As such, our company takes it a point that every cleaning service we provide is superior in all quality because our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.


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What We Do

One-Time Cleaning Services in Rockville, MD

Why Choose Us

Fast Maid Service is your innovative cleaning company that surpasses industry standards for your cleaner home and office.x1

We have wonderful cleaning staff that are trained and armed with the latest technology and supplies for deep cleaning. We got your back for bringing back the spotless clean space of your home and office in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

We only use EPA and CDC approved cleaning solutions that are safe to your children, pets, and fabrics. Our cleaning ladies are daily trained in all aspects, like carpets, upholsteries, hardwood, leather, and other surfaces.

Our in-depth background in the cleaning industry guarantees your satisfaction. All you have to do is to call our office to book an appointment or to request a free quote.

What We Do

We offer one time deep and recurring cleaning services in Rockville, Maryland.

Our one time cleaning service is mostly availed by customers when they have special occasions in their house or business. Leave us all the tough cleaning jobs while you prepare for your event. We got you covered for a sparkling clean space you’ll need today!

We have powerful modern cleaning equipment that makes our cleaning job more efficient and precise. Our team can guarantee to complete the job on time or earlier than the schedule.

At Fast Maid Service, you will enjoy the following inclusions for our one time cleaning service. But, you can inform us in advance if you wish to add more to your cleaning package.


This is the heart of every home and the place where you’ll prepare sumptuous meals for your family. That only means it needs to be spotlessly clean always to avoid germs and viruses.

Our cleaning personnel are knowledgeable to precisely clean all areas inside your kitchen. That includes backsplash, floor, countertops, sink, faucet, fridge, and more.


Even when you’re using your shower and bath daily, doesn’t mean you can leave it dingy and dirty, right? The more you need to keep it sparkling clean since moisture allows bacteria and molds to grow.

Our cleaning professionals use eco friendly disinfectants and solutions for cleaning your tiles, shower heads, floor, countertops, vanities, and other bathroom fixtures.


Keeping your pillows, blankets, and mattresses clean is a must to give you a comfortable sleep, right? Your bed must be free from dust, hair strands, and smell so that it will give you that night time comfort you need to have a good sleep.

Our staff knows what our customers want when it comes to a relaxing bedroom. We will clean your bedside table, under the bed area, floor, windows, lighting, fixtures, and more.

Living areas

This is where your family and guests stay to have some coffee or tea while sharing life’s best moments. That means you need to keep your living room free from pet hairs, dust, and soils so that everyone enjoys a clean cozy environment.

Cleaning Services Near Me

Fast Maid Service is here for you!

We help many homeowners and businesses keep their place sanitized and free of stains and germs. We want you to have a comfortable and hygienic place to live and work. That’s our commitment as we started in 2009.

All our professionals have a solid background in understanding and meeting the expectations of our customers for a cleaner home in Rockville, Maryland.

Besides our one time cleaning, you can also get recurring cleaning services from us at an affordable price. Just call us to schedule when and what time you want us to come to your place.

Office Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland

The productivity of your employees is greatly affected by their work environment. A messy and dirty office will slow their performance, and they are likely to get sick. You don’t want that to happen since that can hamper your business.

The appearance of your office or store also matters since it gives a first impression to your customers. If you let your office in Rockville be disorganized and dingy, do you think it will attract more clients? That’s why it’s a must to observe cleanliness inside your establishment. And hiring a commercial cleaning company can greatly help you on that matter.

Our History of Office Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland

Fast Maid Service started in 2009, and we’re proud of growing dramatically over time. Our success in the industry was never made overnight since we continually put effort and time to give the best cleaning services to our clients.

We take pride in being the best office cleaning service in Rockville, Maryland. We use industry grade cleaning tools and supplies for taking out all the grime and foul smell inside your workplace.

Move Out Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland

We understand how tedious it is to move out and relocate to another apartment or house. You have a handful of things to consider like your new place, travel time, budget, and your belongings. Oftentimes, you forget about your responsibility to clean your old place before finally moving out.

That’s where our move out cleaning service comes helpful. Our professionals will take care of all cleaning work that needs to be done on your old apartment, office, or house. This will greatly help you get your security deposit from the landlord without any problem.

Should you need to hire a move out cleaner in Rockville, call Fast Maid Service today!

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House Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland

It’s always challenging to keep up with the cleaning chores inside your home, right? Especially with your children, pets, and guests bringing different dust and grime. Luckily, you can easily get rid of that by hiring a professional house cleaning service in Rockville, Maryland. Fast Maid Service is here for you!

We are experts in one time and recurring house cleaning services. Our staff are all trained and knowledgeable of sanitizing different surfaces inside your home. May that be a carpet, rug, curtain, upholstery, wood, and more, we can professionally clean them with breeze.

House Cleaning Near Me

Fast Maid Service is your most reliable house cleaning in Rockville, Maryland. We have over ten years of experience in the cleaning industry, so you can rely on our expertise. We also have updated our cleaning equipment to efficiently clean any house size in the shortest possible time.

Should you need to request a free quote or book an appointment, call us right away.

Recurring Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland

Bring back the spotless clean space of your home in Rockville with our recurring cleaning services.

We understand you have less energy left to handle your house cleaning chores after work. You might just prefer to lie on your bed or couch upon arriving home, right? That means your house cleaning chores pile up daily until you have an overwhelming one on your weekend.

To save your weekend from just doing your laundry and chores, you can hire a professional recurring cleaning service provider in Rockville, Maryland. Fast Maid is your industry leader for recurring cleaning service.

We offer that at an affordable price to make it fit your budget. Our staff will take care of your house cleaning needs while you relax and spend time with your friends and family over the weekend.

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