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Our company prides itself in the services that we always provide to our clients:

Premium quality cleaning service in Fairfax, Virginia that will not just meet your expectations but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service provides!

Looking for the best cleaning service can be tough, but your long search is now finally over! With Fast Maid Service, your leading cleaning service provider, you can just relax while the cleaning is taken care of.

We are more than equipped to handle all your cleaning needs in entire Fairfax, Virginia We are here ready so that you can expect a cleaning service that is excellent and affordable. All that you need to do is call us and we’ll be there for you at a moment’s notice.

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Premium quality cleaning service that will not just meet your expectation but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service provides!


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Our people are all duly trained in their job and they take pride in taking care of their clients.

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Fast Maid Service is operated by people who know and appreciate the value of cleanliness, time and the trust that clients have for us. As such, our company takes it a point that every cleaning service we provide is superior in all quality because our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.


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One-Time Cleaning Services in Fairfax, Virginia

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves in providing constant quality cleaning services that exceed customer expectations. Fast Maid revolutionizes the way we do cleaning services for residential and commercial clients.

Are you still looking for innovative cleaning solutions in Fairfax? Look no further, as we are here to handle your house cleaning chores with ease.

We understand how hectic your schedule is, and that you don’t have the luxury of time to sweep or vacuum your floors. It’s never your fault, and so we like to help you with that through our one time and recurring cleaning services.

Our team is armed with experience, training, and proper equipment to remove all stains, foul odor, and dust all over your house and office in Fairfax.

Let our professionals do their task while you focus on your work, business, and family. Contact us today to know our best deals and offers. We give free quotes as well.

What We Do

Fast Maid offers recurring and one time cleaning services in Fairfax, Virginia. We are an industry leader when it comes to whole house cleaning at an affordable price.

When you’re preparing for a special occasion like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you will be doing a lot of things, right? You often forget that you need to clean your house before decorating it. We want to lighten your burden by taking care of your cleaning requirements.

Our one time cleaning service is your best solution for this matter. We will have the right number of cleaners and equipment to get the job done in no time. You’ll be amazed at how we professionally brought back the lost sparkle of your home without ruining a fabric.

Fast Maid Service is your leading cleaning company to call in Fairfax, Virginia. Should you need to book an appointment, call our office today!


Your kitchen goes through daily wear and tear, especially when you frequently use it. To preserve its beauty and condition, you need to remove those splatters of oil, food particles, smoke, and other stains left after cooking.

That’s a lot of work, right? Our house cleaning service in Fairfax is your best solution for reviving the spotless clean state of your kitchen. We can professionally bring back the elegance of the heart of the home at a price that works for you.

We will sanitize and disinfect various areas and fixtures inside your kitchen. That includes but not limited to countertops, sink, backsplash, faucet, floor, walls, fridge, and oven.


Do you feel your bathroom is dingy and old? Why not give it a deep cleaning action? Fast Maid is here to help you! We include bathroom cleaning in our recurring and one time cleaning package.

With our trained staff, we can seamlessly bring back the spa retreat air inside your shower and bath. We use eco friendly cleaning products to remove those yellowish and black stains on your tiles, floors, toilet, and sink.


Every day, dust and hairs are left on your pillow, mattresses, and blanket. If you leave as it is, that can be a breeding ground for dust mites. This can ruin the relaxing ambiance of your bedroom. 

Our one time cleaning service is your solution! We offer a comprehensive cleaning service that works around your needs and budget. We’ll clean various fixtures and corners inside your bedroom. 

Living areas

A clean and organized living room is perfect for family gathering while enjoying a cup of coffee and tea. But if you don’t have the time to clean it, you can let our people do this task for you.

We include living room and hallways in our one time cleaning service. Our maid service is knowledgeable on how to efficiently remove stains and smell on your sofas, ottomans, carpets, and wooden furniture.

On the same day, we can bring back the cozy and clean ambiance of your living room.

Cleaning Services Near Me

Are you looking for a cleaning service near Fairfax, Virginia? Fast Maid Service is your best cleaning company to call today!

We have over ten years of experience in the industry, so we already know the cleaning standards in Northern Virginia. To continue improving, we train all our team every year. 

We are experts for both one time and recurring cleaning. Our staff handle both residential and commercial requests for cleaning their space. We fully equip them with the proper tools and supplies to effectively clean every corner of your house in Fairfax.

If you have some questions, or would like to book an appointment, call our office today!

Office Cleaning in Fairfax, Virginia

It’s not just your home that deserves to be clean, your store and office needs to be too! Don’t expect customers to come to your office if it’s dusty and dirty inside out. They will feel doubtful about your reputation for that matter.

That’s why keeping your business establishment organized and sparkling clean is a must. You can conveniently achieve that by hiring an office cleaning service in Fairfax like Fast Maid.

We are an industry leader in office cleaning and disinfection. Our team has been trained in properly cleaning different office equipment. We equip them with the latest tools to ensure they can clean your office fast and accurately.

Are you still looking for a commercial cleaning in Fairfax? Call us today!

Our History of Office Cleaning in Fairfax, Virginia

We started in 2009 delivering unbeatable office cleaning services in Northern Virginia. Fast Maid helps businesses keep their place neat and tidy. This is important to keep a good image of your business.

Having a hygienic workplace is also important to boost the performance and morale of your employees. There is less risk for people getting sick, and it gives a comfortable space for them to work.

Fast Maid is a top rated office cleaning service provider in Fairfax for more than a decade. We take pride in greatly improving our system in getting things done professionally.

Do you need a local cleaner near you? Call our office today to book an appointment.

Move Out Cleaning in Fairfax, Virginia

It’s a constant dilemma among tenants when they need to clean their house, apartment, or office before leaving. They need to do that as stated in their lease contract, so they could also get their security deposit. Are you looking for a move out cleaning in Fairfax, Virginia. Fast Maid is here for you!

We make your move out cleaning needs simple and easy, and one that works for your budget. Our team has been doing this for many years, and we take pride in being the top choice in Fairfax.

We will take care of your cleaning needs so that you can focus more on your new home. It’s our happiness to help homeowners and businesses with their relocation, specifically for cleaning their old space.

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House Cleaning in Fairfax, Virginia

Are you stressed out with your daily and weekly house cleaning chores? Why not hire a professional cleaning in Fairfax to help you with? Fast Maid offers comprehensive house cleaning at an affordable price.

Our professionals have been trained in various house cleaning chores like carpets, floor, countertops, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area. You will enjoy our hassle free cleaning package while giving more time to relax and be with your family.

We also do disinfection service, just inform us in advance if you will be including that in your package. Call now to get a free quote and advice for cleaning your home.

House Cleaning Near Me

It’s never easy to find and hire a reliable house cleaning near me. You have to be meticulous in choosing, otherwise, you’ll end up hiring the wrong one. Fortunately, Fast Maid can be your best cleaning company to call for your house cleaning request in Fairfax.

We are a licensed and insured cleaning company in Northern Virginia. We also provide cleaning packages to Maryland and Washington DC. Our company started in 2009, continually growing in skills and capacity to give more cost efficient cleaning services.

You can call us today to request a free estimate, or to book an appointment.

Recurring Cleaning in Fairfax, Virginia

Our recurring cleaning service will help maintain the sparkle and comfort of your home and office in Fairfax!

There are several instances when you can’t even vacuum your floor because you are exhausted from work. We truly understand since we’ve helped many homeowners and businesses with their daily cleaning needs.

Our recurring cleaning packages are budget friendly and effective in bringing back the cleanliness of your home. We constantly innovate and upgrade the skills and tools we use for sanitizing your place.

We don’t want you to waste your weekend cleaning your house. Let our professionals take care of it, so have time to relax and be with your loved ones.

Call now to book your appointment.

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