Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning Is Best Done In Winter

What is the Best Season to Have Your Carpets Cleaned?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Why is winter the best season to do carpet cleaning? When the temperature goes below zero, you’ll be stuck in the house for good. That means you’d have to ensure the air circulating inside your house must be clean. Take note, that your air conditioning system will be running, so if there are allergens present, they will circulate inside your house.

Well, if you’re going for a general house cleaning, make sure that your carpet is included. It is one of the favorite places of allergens, bacteria, and viruses to thrive in. You need to clean them so that all those grimes are removed. Cleaning the carpet becomes a must to ensure you have crisp cool air inside. It’s one of the most essential house cleaning tip that one should never missed out on!

Reduced humidity brings more comfort

Turning your AC on brings static electricity inside the house. Now, if your carpets aren’t cleaned, that adds moisture inside, making it more uncomfortable for everyone. You’ll feel that extra heat due to increased humidity.

DIY carpet cleaning is your best solution for this. You can use your wet/dry vacuum and some cleaner for this task. You save on the carpet cleaning cost while making sure your home is comfortable.

Get rid of bugs

Just like your upholstery and mattresses, your carpets are where bugs can thrive. That’s totally gross, right? If it bites you, it can cause skin allergies. To prevent that, you can do steam carpet cleaning. This carpet cleaning tip thoroughly cleans and disinfects your carpets.

Fast Maid Service is an expert on carpet cleaning, so if you need help with that, you can count on us. If you can’t do steam cleaning on your carpets, you can hire a professional.

Reduced risk for molds and mildews 

Molds and mildews grow in dark moist places. A carpet is a good place for them. If you let your carpets stay dirty and dingy, it becomes their breeding ground. These bacteria can cause respiratory allergies bringing danger to the health of your loved ones.

When molds grow underneath your carpets, they can destroy them since they feed on fabrics and other organic materials. Don’t let this problem linger, otherwise, it’s going to cost you more.

Hiring carpet cleaning services is your best choice for making your carpets clean in winter. They have the latest equipment and materials for washing and drying carpets. You can ask them for free advice on how to keep your carpets looking great. Fast Maid Service is here to help you with that as well.

Prepare your home for family gatherings

Carpets and area rugs are best for adding beauty and warmth to your space. If you’ll be the host of an event, you can put your best carpets on the kitchen floor and living room. But if you haven’t cleaned them, then hiring a carpet cleaning service is your best help.

By doing that, you can focus more on other things, like the food you’re going to prepare, and the list of guests you’ll be inviting. Designing your interiors is another important matter you need to attend to. Letting a professional handle your cleaning chores saves you time and effort.

Fast Maid Service can be your best professional carpet cleaning service to call for this matter. We are experts in different carpet cleaning methods. So, we can easily tell what’s the best method to use for restoring the reputation of your carpets.

Maintain your home’s cleanliness

There are different sources of allergens inside your home, and carpets are one of them. The pet hairs and wastes could be present there and bring danger to everyone’s health. Molds and mildews can also grow there and damage your carpets. You’d be surprised where the nasty smell is coming from, right? Try checking your carpets.

That said, carpet cleaning is a must during winter, considering you’ll be inside your house most of the time. Professional carpet cleaning companies know the importance of this. Your health and the health of your family are more valuable than carpet cleaning costs.

Get rid of pet danders and wastes

If you have fur buddies inside the house, then it’s inevitable that they’d leave hairs and mark their territory on some areas like your carpets. This is a headache since it leaves a pungent odor that’s a nuisance for everyone.

Your dog’s urine and feces can leave a disgusting stain on your carpets. When that happens, you need to attend to them right away. Otherwise, it will be harder to remove, and bacteria can grow there.

If you don’t know how to deal with this, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner. They know exactly what to do to resolve this concern. For us, we inspect it first before applying any treatment and washing techniques.

Our carpet cleaning process is proven and tested. We’ve helped many homeowners with their carpet cleaning needs during winter. If you need assistance, you can count on us.

Faster carpet drying time

Did you know that carpets dry faster in winter? That’s because of the relatively low humidity inside the house. Many homeowners take advantage of this, so they’re washing their carpets during winter. It dries pretty fast.

Alternatively, we at Fast Maid Service have air movers and dehumidifiers to facilitate carpet drying. We use that for speeding up the drying of carpets and rugs. If you’re thinking of cleaning your carpets in winter, then you’re making the right choice.

Need Help with Carpet Cleaning?

Hiring an expert is a cost-efficient solution to your dirty carpets and rugs. Fast Maid Service completely understands your concerns about this matter. We provide affordable cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

Should you need help with carpet cleaning in winter, you can depend on us. We are trained and experienced in all sorts of carpet cleaning methods. We use safe reagents in removing stains and foul smells on your fabrics.

Visit us now on our Facebook page, or simply Call us at (703) 559-4555, or book an appointment online for inquiries or free estimates. 


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