Office Disinfection Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Office Disinfection Guide: Everything You Need to Know
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

There’s so much to learn about office disinfection and maintaining hygiene at work. Besides this, whether you own a business or any other establishment, it is equally necessary to disinfect each place, especially during these unprecedented times.

In most cases, we can see that proper disinfection requires hiring a professional cleaning service. Disinfection primarily refers to specific measures to control, deactivate, or kill infectious agents like viruses and bacteria. In this guide, we will discuss several thoughtful steps that will take you through your office‘s disinfection process.

Develop Your Plan

The primary step to office disinfection begins with a proper plan and strategy. Like any other office, a doctor’s place is the same, except that it is much more prone to infections. It will help if you have a plan to execute this disinfection process successfully. A strategic plan should take minimal time, and the effects should be drastic for the whole process to complete.

It is vital to have a comprehensive cleaning plan that you tailor according to your workplace. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help with proper planning as well. They will also make sure your office looks clean, organized, and, most importantly, make it safe for your employees.

Use the Right Cleaning Process

Our recent reactions to viruses are to ‘disinfect everything,’ and that’s precisely how it needs to be. If you are unsure regarding the disinfection process, take a look if your place requires disinfection or not.

In some cases, we have seen that cleaning is better than disinfecting. Besides this, cleaning with soap and water is enough if you follow the right protocols.

According to the CDC, disinfection is necessary if there is a risk such as someone who was COVID positive had visited the premises before.

Disinfection will involve chemicals that will kill germs, and eventually, you will need to clean the place as we have discussed. In case you are unsure which way to go, it’s better to disinfect and stay safe.

Determine What Needs to be Cleaned

The places that are not frequently touched or used do not require proper disinfection, and you can clean them regularly.

In case your office or workplace has not been used for more than a week, it doesn’t require disinfection. The virus on surfaces can survive for a maximum of a few hours to days. Moreover, it is not necessary to clean ventilation or HVAC systems, other than routine clean up.

Consider Resources and Equipment

For proper cleaning or disinfection to take place, you will need equipment and resources. PPE kits and gloves are necessary to work with disinfectant chemicals. In addition to this, the use of fumigants or fogs may require specialized personals. For some procedures, you may need to follow the directions given on the label.

Rather than self-cleaning, we recommend that you use professional cleaning services as they come fully prepared to deal with such circumstances.

Use Appropriate Products

It is necessary to use appropriate products that are approved by EPA. Using approved products guarantee not only effectiveness but also provides peace of mind. Recommended products are seen to work best against COVID19 and other bacterias as well for disinfection.

Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting

Routine cleaning and disinfecting are essential for reducing the risks associated with day to day infections and COVID-19. Regular cleaning with soap and water every day can reduce the risk of exposure and bacterial growth. Besides this, it is an essential step before you begin with the disinfection process.

Surfaces touched multiple times like doorknobs, handles, drawers, computers, switches, and faucets that need to be cleaned and disinfected first. Additionally, keyboards and telephones should not be touched and taken care of until the disinfection process is finished.

It would be best if you kept in mind that you should not submerge electronics in disinfectants as that can cause malfunctioning. So it best to start working after reading their directions to use.

Pay Special Attention to Restrooms

Restrooms require a vigorous cleaning and disinfection plan, which plays a critical role in minimizing the spread of diseases. It would help if you took the utmost care removing dirt and germs on the toilet seats.

Maintaining Safe Habits

Now that you have finally finished your office disinfection process, it will be great to promote safe habits among the employees. Here we have listed some of them.

1. Promote social distancing. It would be best to stay at least 2m away when going to a shared place like a canteen or elevator.

2. Always wear masks, as it is unclear who may be affected, and the virus travels through droplets.

3. Avoid touching your nose, hands, or eyes whenever you are working with bare hands.

4. Maintain a regular cleaning and disinfection routine for your workplace.

5. Provide disinfectant wipes to employees to sanitize their work areas.

6. Clean your professional equipment personally.

Maintaining safe habits is necessary as that leaves less space for germs and bacteria on surfaces. Further, you don’t have to worry about disinfecting your office rigorously the next time.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

There are a lot of reasons to hire a professional cleaning service. Besides, they are more affordable than you think. The best thing you will find with professional cleaners is that they have appropriate tools and supplies. These things will get your office disinfection process a breeze with no complaints left.

Not just that, they are trained enough to tackle the toughest of the mess, and after this pandemic, you might want a professional to take care of your office premises. In addition to that, if you are busy with your work, hiring a cleaning service is the best way to save time and productivity.

The reopening of offices requires proper disinfection and all of us to move forward together. We recommend following our guide to office disinfection and safe daily habits to reduce the risks associated.


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