Office Cleaning Cost in Washington DC

Average Office Cleaning Cost in Washington DC
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Cleaning an office space regularly is crucial for businesses in Washington DC. A clean workspace promotes employee health, productivity, and morale. When considering office cleaning services, companies must balance cost, quality, and reliability. This guide examines average office cleaning rates in Washington DC and factors that influence pricing.

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Average Hourly and Square Foot Rates

Most commercial cleaning companies in Washington DC quote prices either as an hourly rate or on a per square foot basis.

Hourly Rates

For general cleaning of an office, expect to pay between $25 and $50 per hour in the DC area. This covers basic services like:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Trash removal

Deep cleaning services like carpet shampooing, window washing, and appliance scrubbing cost around $40 to $70 per hour.

So a standard weekly general cleaning of a small 500 square foot office for 2 hours could cost $100 per week. Deep cleaning of the same space may run $160 weekly.

Square Foot Rates

Some companies charge per square foot instead of hourly. Typical prices range from $.05 to $.10 per square foot for regular office cleaning Washington DC.

For a 1000-square-foot office, a weekly general cleaning would cost $50 to $100 at those rates. Periodic deep cleaning might run $.08 to $.15 per square foot.

Square foot pricing may save money for larger offices over 2000 square feet. However hourly rates are often better for smaller office spaces under 1000 square feet.

Commercial office cleaning costs typically range from $25-$50 per hour or $.05-$.10 per square foot according to HomeAdvisor.

Factors That Impact Cleaning Rates

Factors That Impact Cleaning Rates

Office cleaning rates depend on location, building size, and frequency according to CostOwl. Several key factors influence commercial cleaning rates charged by companies in the DC area:

Type of Business Premises

The type of facility being cleaned makes a big difference in rate. General office cleaning typically costs the least. Rates are higher for medical offices, restaurants, industrial sites, and other specialized business premises.

Medical facilities require more precautions and products to thoroughly disinfect and avoid transmitting illnesses. Restaurants generate significant grease, grime, and debris that necessitate more intensive labor. Factories and workshops contain hazardous chemicals, fluids, and materials that cleaners must handle appropriately.

Expect to pay 10% to 25% more for cleaning these types of specialized business spaces compared to a typical office environment.

Cleaning Frequency

Most office cleaning is scheduled weekly or biweekly. However requesting daily cleaning services can increase rates significantly, often 50% to 100% higher, due to the increased labor costs.

Conversely, reducing the frequency to just monthly or quarterly deep cleanings can lower costs per visit. With less frequent service, cleaners deal with lower dirt buildup and need less time for a thorough job.

Level of Service – General vs Deep Cleaning

The level of service provided impacts rates as well. General cleaning tasks like dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, and trash removal represent lighter-duty work. This basic cleaning costs less than more intensive deep cleaning services.

Deep cleaning involves duties like scrubbing floors on hands and knees, washing kitchen and breakroom appliances, cleaning interior windows and blinds, and shampooing carpets. These tasks take more physical effort, time, and cleaning supplies. So deep cleaning is understandably has a higher rate.

Building Size

For companies charging by square foot, building size affects the overall cost. Larger office spaces over 10,000 square feet can sometimes negotiate better bulk rates thanks to economies of scale.

On the other hand, multi-story buildings may pay extra per square foot for cleaning upper floors due to the extra time and effort to transport cleaners and supplies up and down.

Contract Basis

Cleaning companies often offer better rates with a long-term annual contract compared to month-to-month payments or paying per individual service. This rewards loyal clients with lower prices for an extended commitment.

Month-to-month agreements cost more due to the lack of guaranteed business. Per-service pricing similarly runs higher because the cleaning company cannot rely on regular bookings.

Eco-Friendly Products

Using plant-based, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies costs a bit more than traditional harsh chemical products. However green cleaners promote sustainability and are healthier for office workers. Reputable cleaning firms are willing to absorb part of these extra costs of eco-friendly supplies to attract discerning clients.

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Tips for Hiring an Office Cleaning Pros

  • Get quotes from 3 to 5 established local cleaning firms
  • Ask about their hiring and screening process
  • Request references from current clients
  • Inquire about eco-friendly supplies they use
  • Tour your office and get a custom quote
  • Consider both national and local franchises
  • Review contract terms carefully before signing
  • Communicate clearly on the scope of work required

A professional commercial cleaning service can make your Washington DC offices shine while your team focuses on core business. With some research, you can find an affordable and responsible provider to meet your needs. A clean workspace boosts productivity and reflects well on your brand.


How do you quote janitorial services? 

Most cleaning companies quote an hourly rate ranging from $25-$50 for general cleaning, and higher for deep cleaning. Others charge per square foot, typically $.05-$.10 weekly or monthly. Get custom quotes based on your office’s size and needs. Compare multiple bids.

How often should an office be cleaned? 

For general cleaning, weekly or biweekly is standard. Daily light cleaning of high-traffic areas. Deep cleaning monthly or quarterly. Clean/disinfect breakrooms and bathrooms daily or multiple times daily. Adjust frequency based on office use and number of employees.

How do you manage office cleaning? 

Hire a professional service with reliable staff and eco-friendly products. Schedule at night or on weekends. Set clear expectations on duties and quality standards. Provide necessary supplies/equipment. Inspect periodically and provide feedback. Communicate needs or issues immediately. Reward great work.

What is expected of an office cleaner? 

Typical duties include emptying trash, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, disinfecting, restocking supplies, wiping surfaces, and reporting maintenance issues.

How do you clean the office daily? 

Daily duties include collecting trash, spot vacuuming, mopping high-traffic areas, disinfecting and restocking bathrooms, wiping kitchen counters, spot cleaning surfaces, shaking out rugs, and reporting deeper cleaning needs.


Regular office cleaning provides significant benefits for DC area businesses. While costs vary based on building size, type of business, and services rendered, typical rates range from $25 to $50 per hour or $.05 to $.10 per square foot.

When choosing a cleaning company, consider both cost and quality of service. Examine what’s included in their general vs deep cleaning offerings. With a reliable cleaning provider under contract, you can maintain a healthy, orderly workspace for employees and clients.


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