Know this Moving In Cleaning Checklist Before Moving Into a New Home

Know this move in cleaning Checklist Before Moving Into a New Home
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

When it comes to move in cleaning, there are a few important tasks that you really should know and use, but they can be easy to forget so you need some way of remembering. You may not think of cleaning house before moving in but it can actually be a vital step that helps you feel more at home faster.

In this article we can present to you a move in cleaning checklist to help you remember all of the things you need to do when moving into a new home. This is meant to be a full move in cleaning checklist that will cover every step that you should take to make sure your new home is ready. 

Moving into a new home can be stressful, so it is nice to have a moving cleaning checklist that can make things a little more manageable. Since we hopefully don’t have to move very often, this cleaning checklist before moving in will be available online so you don’t have to remember it. 

Make Sure Floors Are Extra Clean

It is super important that you make sure that all of the floors in your new house are as clean as you can make them. You want to make sure that you do this before you move all of your stuff into the house.

This way, you will have total access to the floors and you can make them as clean as possible so that you can wait longer to have to move furniture and clean those hard to reach areas. Before all of your things are in the house is the best time to do this because none of the floor is covered.

This is truly one of the most critical parts of this move in cleaning checklist and one that you certainly need to work hard at accomplishing. There is never going to be a better opportunity to get all of your floors clean than before you move all of your big and heavy furniture into the house. 

Clean Appliances

If you are moving into a home that has appliances already in it, such as a refrigerator, a microwave, a stove, an oven and a dishwasher, you need to be sure that you get all of these things as clean as you possibly can before you start to use them.

You never really can tell how well the last person was able to clean all of these appliances, and it is important that you start off with a clean slate in your kitchen. You want all of your appliances to be as clean as possible before you have to use them. Move out cleaning areas to look out for especially include the stove top, the oven and inside the refrigerator.

Be sure to scrub all of the surfaces you can with a little bit of bleach or other cleaner diluted in some water. Scrub away any stuck on food particles and disinfect all of the surfaces while you are at it.

If some food particles are not coming off, try letting some water sit on it for a little while and then try scrubbing again. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to use a more abrasive scrubber to help get that old stuff off.

Clean Baseboards

You really need to give your new baseboards a good wash before you move your furniture into the home. Your furniture will block some of the baseboards, and you don’t want to be trapping dirt and grime back there where bacteria could make a comfortable home.

Use a mild soap and water on a damp rag to wash gently along all of the baseboards, removing any dust that is on there. This should be a great and gentle way to get your baseboards nice and clean.

Baseboards are a really important part of your home and you want to make sure that they are clean and well taken care of. This way if you move some furniture in the future you won’t be shocked to find a layer of dirt that has been there since the last people who lived there.

Clean Air Vents

When you are doing a move in cleaning, you want to give yourself a chance to breathe nice and clean air. This is why cleaning the home’s air vents is a vital part of this checklist that you must never forget to do as part of your move in cleaning.

You may need to remove the vent cover and wash them all with some soap and water. You can also reach inside of the vent tubes to clean some of the dust away, but make sure to use a dry cloth to dry away any moisture inside, you don’t want it sitting there or it might start to smell bad.

Dust can really build up in air vents, and you don’t know exactly when they were last cleaned, so it is smart to get in there and remove as much potential air pollution as possible. This is smart to do right away so that the first time you need to use your air vents you are not greeted with some foul, dusty air.

Deep Clean The Bathroom

A bathroom is naturally going to be one of the dirtiest areas of a home so you want to get it as clean as possible before you start living in your new home. You never know who might have used the bathroom since it was last cleaned, so giving it a thorough scrubbing is your best bet to ensure good health.

You want to pay special attention to clean behind the toilet, as many bathroom cleaners miss this spot and it tends to trap lots of gross things like hairs and dust. You really don’t want to be finding the old tenants hairs in your bathroom in a few years, so cleaning them right away is your best option.

You also need to do a good scrubbing of the bathtub or shower area. Make sure that they really sparkle before you need to use this important home fixture.

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