How to Choose a Cleaning Service for Your Business

How to Choose a Cleaning Service for Your Business
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Your business needs to be kept clean so that employees or any customers will see that you are a professional organization that does good work. In order to maintain a high level of cleanliness, it is a great idea to hire a cleaning service for your business.

Your business will certainly get very dirty from all the comings and goings of customers and employees, so you want to find the best cleaning service you can. You want to find a cleaning service that you can trust to make your business look and feel great.

When you are trying to pick a professional cleaning service you can easily start to feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. That is why we have created this article with some good tips on how to choose a cleaning service for your business.

Finding A Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to find top cleaning services is through your professional connections. You can ask businesses in your area who does their cleaning and how satisfied they are with the service. This way you have a personal connection and it can be easier to build trust.

If you are unable to find a cleaning service by word of mouth, you can also look online for review sites for professional maid services pros and cons in your local area. Be sure to do some extra digging and really read reviews of the companies you are considering. You want to make sure that the reviews are positive and that there have not been any serious issues brought up.

You want to be careful though of negative reviews, some people just leave bad reviews because there was some impossible expectation they had for the company, so use your discernment to see if the bad review is credible or not. 

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau which accredits businesses and can help people with complaints. Use their website to look for a cleaning company in your area and you will surely find a great cleaning service for your business.

Make Sure They Are Insured

One of the best things about hiring a cleaning service is that you don’t have the liability of hiring employees to do the cleaning of your business. So it is very important to ask any prospective cleaning service about their insurance.

You want to make sure that if a cleaner is injured at your business or if a cleaner damages your assets that the insurance company will handle it for you without any additional problems. It is just not worth the risk of having uninsured cleaners in your business where so many things could go wrong and you could be held responsible.

Having the right insurance also shows that a cleaning service is serious about their business and wants to take the steps to do their job correctly. Insurance is just a good thing to have and any reasonable cleaning service will want to have it. 

Choose A Cleaning Service That Specializes In Business Cleaning

It is important to find a cleaning service that has experience working with a business. A home cleaning service may not have the right tools or the right mindset to clean a business. A house cleaning service and a business cleaning service have different functions, and you certainly want to hire a business cleaning service if you want the job done right.

A cleaning service that has experience cleaning businesses will understand that you have a schedule and that it will be difficult to interrupt it in order to have a cleaning done. You want your cleaning service to be able to work around your normal business hours so that they do not interfere with your important work.

You may be in a business that has special cleaning needs like a software company that has delicate computers and servers to be careful of, a cleaning service that specializes in business cleaning will be able to help you the most. They will know that your business has special needs and that they will need to have the right tools and training to meet them.

Calculate Your Cleaning Needs

Before talking with cleaning services about coming to your business, write down exactly the kind of cleaning that you want to have them do. This will help them to know if they are able to do what you need and will help them to make an accurate estimate of the costs.

You want to go through your business and decide which areas you want to have cleaned. Usually this will be common areas where you can not expect your employees to be cleaning all of the time. Usually employees can be responsible for cleaning their own individual areas, but this may be different depending on your business.

You need to also consider how often you want the cleaning service to come to your business. You may also decide that you want certain areas cleaned more often than others, like you could have them clean the public restroom with each visit, but they could only do the dusting every two weeks. 

Knowing a detailed plan of how you want your business cleaned will help a lot in finding the right cleaning services near me for your business. 

Get Some Estimates

It is a good practice to at least have three top cleaning services to make a bid on becoming your business cleaning service. This way you can compare the prices and what the companies have to offer your business. 

You do not always just want to pick the company with the lowest bid, in fact, if a bid comes in extremely low compared to other companies you may want to be wary. You want to hire a cleaning service that you can always trust to do a great job of cleaning your business.

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