How Often Should I Use A House Cleaning Service

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We know that having a clean home is one of your top priorities, but with kids and pets and life getting in the way, most people find themselves going to bed with the floors unpolished and the bathrooms in a mess. That’s just life! Just because you do not have the time or energy to clean your home, does not mean it has to stay dirty. There is a better, cleaner, easier alternative. Recurring maid services – and that is exactly what we at Fast Maid Cleaning services are here for.

Our services are available to tackle all of your house cleaning issues, from regular cleaning to specialty cleaning services. Our recurring cleaning services can be scheduled to the frequency that you prefer, for example:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or even tri-weekly cleaning – this is for the busy household that gets dirty frequently. You may have children and pets that not only leave their adorable footprints all over the floor but also leave crumbs on the couch and cat hair on the cushions. Our weekly cleaning sessions will make sure to take on all of these issues, from dirty kitchens to messy rooms, each week, right on time!
  • Monthly cleaning. This schedule is for the home that does not get dirty very fast, or for someone who can maintain regular cleaning, but just needs a professional top-up once a month.
  • One-time cleaning. We also offer a one-off cleaning service for anyone who needs cleaning done without scheduling weekly or monthly services. 
  • Specialty cleaning. Do you need some help for a special occasion or in an emergency? Big birthday bash coming up – have us clean your home before or after so you can focus on the party. Are you moving – we can help you pack and clean both the house you are leaving and the one you are moving into – for a fresh clean start.

Prices of house cleaning service can range a lot, and higher house cleaning cost does not always mean you are getting a better house cleaning service. Doing some research to find the average cost of house cleaning is a smart thing to do.

Our maid services will have your home shiny, clean, and smelling fresh without you having to lift a finger. In fact, we are so fast and efficient, you won’t even know we were there, except for the wonderfully clean house of course! With our staff that is expertly trained in residential home cleaning, with loads of experience, you will not be disappointed in the quality of our work. 

We have been in operation for more than 10 years and as a result of hard work, dedication, and great customer service, we are now considered to be one of the leading high-quality cleaning service companies within Virginia, Maryland, and the greater area of Washington, DC. As a business, we constantly use innovative tools and equipment geared towards making the cleaning process faster, cheaper, and much more effective. 

We offer premium quality specialty cleaning services, that will not just meet your expectations but exceed them—that’s what Fast Maid Service is all about! Simply give us a call for a quote and we will be there in no time at all, cleaning and scrubbing to your heart’s content.

Call now for your free estimates and appointments or check us at Houzz!


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