Top House Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New

Top House Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Like New
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

When it comes to house cleaning, sometimes it can be overwhelming just to find the best place to start. Unfortunately, house cleaning is one of those parts of life that we all need to take care of at some point. 

Having a few great house cleaning tips can really help to get you started in the right direction to get your house looking as clean as you want. With the right home cleaning tips, the chore of getting your house clean will seem a lot easier and will go a lot faster. 

In this article we are going to supply you with some professional house cleaning tips that we have learned over our countless hours of house cleaning. These cleaning tips are going to save you a lot of time and effort. Armed with these tips for house cleaning you will have your house looking like new before you know it. 

Start From The Top Of The Room

This is one of the best tips for a clean house because it can really save a lot of frustration. You want to start at the highest part of a room that you are planning to clean. If you want to clean the ceiling, start there, if you only want to clean the top shelf of a bookcase, start there.

This is a very helpful house cleaning technique because if you kick up dust while cleaning things up high, you will have a chance to clean them easily while you are cleaning down below. This way you never have to clean something twice because it got dusty after you already cleaned it. 

For an example of not following this tip, if you cleaned your dining room table first and foremost, then proceeded to clean the hanging light fixture that sits above the table, you would inevitably knock some dust down onto the dining table that you had just cleaned. Then you would need to clean the table again, that means twice the work and half the fun!

This is one of those tricks that professionals use all of the time and really takes advantage of gravity to make house cleaning easier. 

Use Toilet Paper For Cleaning Toilets

Toilets are pretty nasty areas, for obvious reasons, and so sometimes it is just a little too gross to use a reusable sponge or rag on the toilet. A handy tool you can use for cleaning the toilet is toilet paper.

Toilet paper is readily available right where you need it to get your toilet clean. You can put a little bit of your favorite cleaning solution on the toilet paper and wipe away all the dust, hair and spills that accumulate on the toilet.  

Then, when you are finished cleaning the toilet, just throw it right into the bowl and flush it away! This trick is just so convenient in every way, using toilet paper for cleaning the toilet is the only way to go.

Use One Technique On The Entire House

By different techniques, we mean things like dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, etc. Use one technique on the entire house rather than staying in one room and changing techniques. This makes cleaning faster because you don’t have to change your equipment as often. 

Once you have used one technique in all of the areas that you are going to need to use it, change equipment and start doing your next technique. This really helps you keep up a steady pace and a good workflow that will make your house cleaning a breeze. 

Start With Decluttering

The best technique to start with is decluttering. Just putting away all of the little things that have accumulated on night stands, coffee tables and dresser tops since the last cleaning will be a great way to start your house cleaning right. 

Clutter is going to make cleaning a lot harder, if you try to declutter as you clean, it is easy to get distracted and lose focus of the task at hand. Start your house cleaning by putting all of your clutter into a good place for it to be, which might be the garbage can, and your cleaning day will be a lot faster and better organized. 

If you don’t declutter right away, you might be going along dusting all of your surfaces, then you run into a cluttered side table and need to put down your feather duster, and find a place for all the clutter. You might find a business card that you put on the table and then start to think about a meeting you had during the week and you might just get so lost in thought that an hour later you need to start dusting again.

Putting away all of your clutter right away will help you avoid time wastes like this so that house cleaning is as fast and easy as possible. 

Keep All Cleaning Supplies In A Bucket

If you store all of your cleaning supplies in a mobile container like a cleaning bucket, it will make it really easy to pull everything you need out and get to work. A bucket is really easy to carry around the house with you and that way whatever tools you need to use, they will be with you wherever you are. 

It is possible to use other carrying devices too, tool boxes, tackle boxes, anything that you can fit all of your essential cleaning items into that you can carry around easily will do. It helps to keep your local cleaning companies supply carrier well organized so that it is easy to find any item that you are needing. 

One of the reason why we need to clean our house always is you will find your home a lot cleaner and it will be easier than you imagine.

Wash Your Feet Or Put On Clean Socks Before Mopping

There is nothing more frustrating when house cleaning than mopping a floor, then having to get something on the other side of the room and leaving a trail of dirty footprints. You can prevent this from happening by washing your feet before you start mopping. 

Of course, you should also try to mop in a way that you won’t have to walk over your wet floor, but it seems like we always forget something that we needed to do across the room and there is just no time to wait for the floor to dry. 

Cleaning your feet is good for your health anyway and you can sort of give yourself a little massage and pampering while you are at it. 

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