Home Cleaning Services: Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

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Table of Contents

The busy schedule these days makes hiring home cleaning services a necessity, not merely a luxury. Whether you have kids and jobs to manage simultaneously or a student preoccupied with college work, you may lack the time required to properly clean up the house. Perhaps you also happen to be preparing to move out of your apartment and want to get your deposit. In all such scenarios, home cleaning services can help you immensely with your requirements. However, a good cleaning service should ensure that your home is adequately maintained in the best manner by professionals. Before signing up for these companies, you need to contact numerous home cleaning services, get a quote, and ask specific questions. Given below is a checklist of essential questions to ask while hiring a home cleaning service.

How Do You Decide Your Rates?


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Some home cleaning services charge money per hour for their work. On the other hand, some could charge you depending on the project at hand. In contrast, some charge their customers by the number of employees sent for the job. Generally, the company’s rate depends on your home’s size, condition, and the task to be performed. In case the company charges you hourly, you should ask for a rough idea about the time they will take to clean your place. It will be best if you put up a limit on the number of hours the cleaners will be at your home. That will help you avoid having to pay unnecessary costs and help you set your budget.

Do Your Employees Undergo Background Checks?

Reputed house cleaning services make sure to perform background checks on all their employees. That is required to verify that the person is not faking their identity. It also allows them to check the person’s background for criminal records, educational and personal history. Entrusting a person to visit your place and clean it is a big thing. Thus, background checks are essential for the safety of you and your house. You should also request the cleaning company to try and send the same cleaner every time. In this way, the person will be well acquainted with your cleaning needs and preferences. You will be able to develop a good bond of trust with him or her.

Do You Provide Any Workers’ Compensation?

Professional home cleaning services need to pay state, social, and federal security taxes. These provide their employees with worker’s compensation in case they get injured. Thus, you, as the homeowner, will not be liable for the same. Therefore, inquiring about workers’ compensation will give you a good idea about the cleaning company’s reliability.

Does Your Company Send Its Own Cleaning Supplies and Equipment?

Some home cleaning services bring cleaning equipment and supplies of their own. On the other hand, other companies only provide the equipment but demand you to provide the cleaning supplies. Also, some homeowners insist on using a particular brand of cleaning supplies. Several home cleaning services now use both conventional and eco-friendly cleaning products. You should ask for and request the kind of products you wish to use in specific areas in your place.

Do You Provide a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Professional home cleaning services should allow customers to provide constructive feedback and suggestions. They should give a satisfaction guarantee after hiring their services if you are not happy with the same. You should have the option of voicing your views to them via call, text, email, or chat. That will ensure that your cleaning requirements are adequately met.

Do You Know How You Will Enter My Home?


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Home cleaning services generally request you to provide certain options to allow them to enter your place for cleaning. That includes putting your keys under the mat or at the reception, giving them the password to a keypad, or simply being present during the cleaning. Make sure you choose the option you find to be the best, without any hesitation. After all, it is your own home we are talking about. At the same time, you should try to ask your cleaner about their preference as well.

What Is Covered by Your Cleaning Service?

It is better not to hire a cleaning service with unrealistically high or low expectations. Thus, it is ideal that you enquire about the services provided by the company beforehand. Some home cleaning services provide facilities that are not offered in the standard cleaning of other companies. It is always better for you to compare and then choose a service most apt for your needs.

For How Long Has Your Cleaning Service Been In Business?

The duration for which a cleaning company has been in business is a reliable indicator of their service quality. Experience generally equates with competence, though there may be exceptions. Occasionally, newer home cleaning services can clean homes and apartments with excellent results as well. However, in such cases, you should check their reviews online before hiring.

Is Your Company Insured and Bonded?

You should try to hire a cleaning company that offers liability insurance and bond. They should have a proper policy for compensation in case anything is damaged, broken, or goes missing from your place. You will feel much more relaxed and secure when you enlist their home cleaning services by virtue of this.

What about Our Pet?

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If you are planning to work with home cleaning services for a long time, you need to get the company’s cleaners acquainted with your pet, if you have one. By doing this, you can ensure that your pet does not feel disturbed by their presence. That especially holds true if you are not present in the house during the cleaning process. Pets tend to be quite sensitive towards loud sounds, like those produced by vacuum cleaners. Thus, you should request the cleaners to keep that in mind. By asking these appropriate questions and adequately estimating the pros and cons, you can find a professional home cleaning service that will serve you well for a long time.


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