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Our company prides itself in the services that we always provide to our clients:

Premium quality cleaning service in Herndon, VA that will not just meet your expectations but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service provides!

Looking for the best cleaning service can be tough, but your long search is now finally over! With Fast Maid Service, your leading cleaning service provider, you can just relax while the cleaning is taken care of.

We are more than equipped to handle all your cleaning needs in entire Herndon, VA We are here ready so that you can expect a cleaning service that is excellent and affordable. All that you need to do is call us and we’ll be there for you at a moment’s notice.

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Premium quality cleaning service that will not just meet your expectation but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service provides!


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Our people are all duly trained in their job and they take pride in taking care of their clients.

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Fast Maid Service is operated by people who know and appreciate the value of cleanliness, time and the trust that clients have for us. As such, our company takes it a point that every cleaning service we provide is superior in all quality because our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.


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Our one-time cleaning service in Herndon, VA is perfect for special occasions, like hosting the whole family for Christmas, or just when the mess has gotten a bit overwhelming — like when the whole family leaves after Christmas.

If proper cleaning is on your to-do list for any reason at all, calling professionals in to help will save you significant time and energy, and guarantee that you’re happy with the result. There’s no feeling quite like seeing your home sparkling clean, and a professional, premium cleaning team like Fast Maids will have you wondering, ‘Why doesn’t it look this good when I do it?’

A One-Time household cleaning in Herndon, VA from Fast Maids includes, at minimum, the following:

Kitchen: This is where you prepare the food you and your family eat, for goodness sake — it has to be clean! We will leave a shine on all the surfaces of your kitchen. Counters? Sparkling. Cabinets? Pristine.

Floors? Fresh. 

Your backsplash and the exterior of all appliances might be cleaner than you’ve ever seen them. We do include the exterior of ovens and refrigerators in our one-time clean. If the interior of your appliances needs cleaning (for example, when you move in or out of a new home), a move-in/out cleaning service might be more appropriate.

Bathrooms: If there is one room in the house that absolutely must be (and look) clean, it’s the bathroom. No germ or particle whatsoever will escape our assault. From the sink basin to the toilet bowl and from the showerhead to the bathtub, we’ll make it gleam.

Bedrooms: In bedrooms, we clean floors and dust and clean all surfaces (dressers, vanities, mirrors, etc.)

We can also change your sheets and make the bed if you like — just leave us clean sheets!

Living areas: We will clean and tidy all surfaces — no, you don’t need to clear the coffee table before we come. We understand that people live in your home! The floor and furniture will also get our attention.

When you are looking for

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Fastmaid is there for you!

One word of warning — once you know how good it feels to have a house that has been cleaned to the high standard of a Fast Maids professional, you’ll want to live that way all the time! Don’t worry — we’ll always just a phone call or a click away the next time you need a one-time cleaning. 

And, if you decide that a recurring service is a better fit for your needs, we have good news — we offer discounts on pre-scheduled, recurring services.




All Other Living Spaces

Office Cleaning in Herndon, VA

If your office space is filthy, you cannot expect people to foster a productive atmosphere. Enter Fast Maid Service, who will solve any dirt related problem you may have. 

Our history of office cleaning in Herndon, VA

Operating mainly in Virginia, Maryland and Herndon, VA, this high-quality cleaning service has been growing exponentially since 2009. Their expert staff are ready to handle any domestic, commercial or post-construction cleaning job and there is a fair bit of experience on the team. 

How Can Fast Maid Service Help You?

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction and considerable discounts for repeat business. 
  • High-quality tools are used to get those high-traffic areas (think of the staff lounge or conference center). 
  • Locally owned and operated in Herndon, VA which means the opportunity for an excellent working relationship. 
  • Your employees will notice a considerable lift in mood once Fast Maid Service has cleaned.
  • Outstanding carpet cleaning. 
  • Fast Maid Service understands the importance of keeping up appearances. You will never have to worry about your visitors’ bathrooms or your lobby floors. 

The Journey to a Brighter Office:

Keeping a clean office is not just important for aesthetics but for hygiene reasons as well. You need a professional cleaning team in Herndon, VA to come in and do the jobs that no one really has the time for. How can you expect your junior employees to meet their deadlines if they are having to clean up after everyone at the same time? 

Contact Fast Maid Service and get this problem sorted out now. If you are going to do the job properly it will cost you a small fortune to rent out the equipment and then you will have to learn how to use it. Why not bring in the experts who arrive with everything they need at no added cost. Let us take care of office cleaning in Herndon, VA. 

This company caters for your unique needs and has experience in a wide range of cleaning project sites. Fast Maid Services in Herndon, VA has cleaned banks, government facilities, retail stores, movie sets, houses of worship, medical facilities and factories. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and they welcome the challenge. 

If you are still unsure if they can be of value to your company, then have a look through a few of their available options below:

  • Windows, blinds, light fixtures.
  • Baseboards, millworks, tables and chairs…
  • Dusting and Polishing of all surfaces. 
  • Main Entrance, foyer cleaning.
  • Sweeping, mopping, polishing of all floors. 

Fast Maid Service can help your business. If you are serious about maintaining a positive and productive work environment, then you need to make sure it is clean. You can spend a lot of time and money trying to do it yourself or you can bring in the experts. 

Move Out Cleaning in Herndon, VA

You’ll have a lot to plan when you are moving out. One of the things that might be forefront on your mind is the fact that after you’ve left your home, you are going to be leaving a mess behind. This is the last thing that you want to do, both for the new potential homeowner that will be inheriting it and possibly for any kind of deposit that you may have put down in your original contract.

The kind of mess that will rob you of a deposit, or launch you into a dispute with your rental agency or landlord, isn’t something that you want to have hanging over your head as you are trying to move out and into a new home. Leave your old home as spotless and clean as you can and you’ll do the same for your mind, letting you concentrate on the more important aspects of your move.

Remember that the kind of dirt you leave behind may be more than you can handle during a move. Bathrooms especially can be problematic to clean, even for a cleaning service, so don’t leave it to chance by simply attempting to do it yourself, or hiring somebody for cheap. Pick the best option and go with Fast Maid Service in Herndon, VA., ensure that you don’t just get it done, ensure that you get it done right.

All The Tasks You Won’t Need To Worry About

The other thing that is easy to forget when you are moving out, is just how big a house can become with all of that space opened up. All that space that will need to be cleaned. Move out cleaning in Herndon, VA that Fast Maid is providing will be able to scour every inch of the newly emptied house to make sure that there isn’t a single fleck of dust to be seen. If you are worried in any way about the demands of an over-zealous landlord coming to inspect every little detail, then let Fast Maid Service put you at ease.

Everything will be disinfected, mopped, dusted, and left sparkling. Even any furniture that you leave can be wiped down. Sheets can be changed and even furniture like couches or sofas can be washed for you. It won’t just be a clean house that you are leaving behind, it’ll be something more akin to a paradise, the kind of home that you would want to move in yourself, if it were you.

This deep cleaning service includes the routine dusting, cleaning and disinfecting of baseboards, ovens, cabinets, drawers, ceiling fans, refrigerators, office desks, tables, computers, backsplashes and countertops, sinks, floors, appliances, baseboards. Taking trash out , tables and chairs cleaned, blinds and window sills dusted, wood floors are damp mopped, inside of kitchen cabinets are cleaned,, tubs, toilets, mirrors, vanity tops, tiles, chrome fixtures, floors are cleaned. Baseboard dusted, windowsills, carpet/floor and vacuuming, cobwebs removed, windowsills dusted and cleaned, windowsills cleaned, carpets vacuumed, all areas dusted, picture frames dusted, sofa pillows and cushions straightened, lampshades cleaned, books, newspapers, and magazines straightened, stairs damp mopped and vacuumed.

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House Cleaning in Herndon, VA

We know that having a clean home is one of your top priorities, but with kids, pets, work, and life in general getting in the way, most people find themselves going to bed with the floors unpolished and the bathrooms in a mess. That’s just life! Just because you do not have the time or energy to clean your home, does not mean it has to stay dirty.

There is a better, cleaner, easier alternative.

Housekeeping services and house cleaning in Herndon, VA – and that is exactly what we at Fast Maid Cleaning services provide.

If you are looking for

House Cleaning Near me

Fast Maid Services is here to help! Fast Maid Services have been in cleaning houses of our customers in Herndon, VA for more than 10 years and as a result of hard work, dedication, and great customer service, we are now considered to be one of the leading high-quality house cleaning service companies within Virginia, Maryland and the greater area of Herndon, VA As a business, we constantly use innovative tools and equipment geared towards making the cleaning process faster, cheaper, and much more effective.

Our house cleaning services in Herndon, VA can be scheduled to meet your needs, whether you need us to clean once a week, or once a month, we are here to help you. Our house cleaning services include the following:

  • Vacuum floors and carpets. We vacuum all the floors and carpets in every room of your home to ensure all the dirt and grime is gone. We also vacuum the couches and cushions to get rid of crumbs and pet hair.
  • Mop floors. Once we have vacuumed all the floors, we mop all the hardwood, tile and linoleum floors to leave them shiny and clean.
  • Dusting surfaces. We make sure to dust all the surfaces in your home from tables, chairs and counters to picture frames, window sills, blinds, and roof fan blades. In the process, we will also get rid of those pesky spider webs that build up in the corners.
  • Clean kitchens. Here we focus on cleaning all the surfaces and alliances including the stove and microwave. We also wipe down the cabinets and walls where backsplashes may be an issue.
  • Clean bathrooms. We wipe don and scrub bathroom surfaces, toilets, showers and baths, where we will also tackle and get rid of mildew buildup on the walls and glass shower doors.
  • Finally, we sanitize. We make sure to disinfect and sanitize frequently used areas such as doorknobs, kitchen counters, and toilets.

We also offer some additional services such as changing the bedsheets, cleaning the inside oven and the refrigerator. These can be added to your regular cleaning schedule by request.

So, if you need a sparkling clean home today, or tomorrow or next week, we are the people to call. With a large professionally trained team of house cleaners, we have the resources to clean your home any day of the week. Our house cleaning services will leave your home shiny, clean, and smelling fresh without you having to lift a finger. In fact, we are so fast and efficient, you won’t even know we were there, except for the wonderfully clean house off course! Simply give us a call for a quote and we will be there in no time.

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Recurring Cleaning in Herndon, VA

Recurring cleaning in Herndon, VA that will bring the sparkle back to your life!

Between doing the laundry and dishes, there are very few people that still have the energy to clean their home from top to toe. There are bathrooms to clean, toilets to scrub, floors to polish, carpets to vacuum and kitchens to clean. This is not even considering polishing all the furniture and tackling those stains on the carpets!

Now imagine, a team of specialists that will tackle all of these problems with ease and efficiency. They are trained to handle all kinds of mess and buildup, they have the right equipment and cleaning products to get rid of any carpet stain or shower mildew. They clean floors, carpets, furniture, sinks, toilets, kitchens bedrooms and windows – they do it all. This is us – Fast Maid Services.

Our recurring maid services in Herndon, VA will have your home shiny, clean and smelling fresh without you having to lift a finger – all of the time. In fact, we are so fast and efficient, you won’t even know we were there, except for the wonderfully clean house off course! With our staff that is expertly trained in residential cleaning, with loads of experience, you will not be disappointed in the quality of our work. We offer premium quality recurring cleaning services, that will not just meet your expectations but exceed it—that’s what Fast Maid Service is all about!

You can schedule your home to be cleaned as much as you prefer – from twice a week to once a month – we are here to help you get the clean home you deserve. Juts imagine coming home after a long day at work, with sparkling floors, shiny bathrooms and dust free appliances to greet you – now who would not want that! Now imagine this happening every week – how wonderful would that be. You will never be caught off guard by unannounced visitors. Friends and family coming over for the weekend – no problem! Want to host an impromptu party on Saturday night – for sure – all you have to worry about are the refreshments and the music.

With Fast Maid Services – this is not a dream but a reality. Take the stress out of cleaning your home, and just enjoy it! You can get all of this at such an affordable price, with expert service. Don’t waste any time – contact us now for a quote!

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