Garage Cleaning Checklist: How To Clean Your Garage The Right Way

garage cleaning checklist
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The garage is one room that you fill with all your junk. From unused household items to your old photo album from your college days, everything is just thrown out into your garage to make space for other things in your home. To do this the right way, you need to include your  garage in your deep cleaning house checklist.

But try finding an item you want for some temporary use. Unless you are thorough in organizing your garage, it would be next to impossible to find it. That’s where cleaning the garage and organizing things place an important role in your day-to-day life.

Not only that but there’ll be a lot of broken and old items in your garage that need to be removed or replaced with new ones. Only when you manage to clean your garage will you know which items are old and which items you need to replace.

Sometimes, while cleaning your garage, you may find an item that you thought was lost a long time back. By cleaning your garage, you are forced to acknowledge what you own and what you don’t need. Well, if you don’t have time to do the cleaning, you can always count on cleaning services

Garage Cleaning Checklist and Things You Need

That said, cleaning and organizing a garage can be a humongous task for most people because everything you never want in your home is thrown away there. If you feel the same, you need a garage cleaning checklist to ensure you have not missed anything. If this won’t work, then it’s high time you get a professional housekeeping service

Before getting to the actual cleaning itself, let’s look at all the things you need to get started with your cleaning.

  1. Gloves
  2. Broom
  3. Trash Bags
  4. Step Stool / Ladder
  5. Clean, Microfiber Cloths
  6. Cotton Swabs or Soft Toothbrushes
  7. Newspaper
  8. Duster
  9. Pressurized Washer
  10. Scrubber

So, here is a detailed look at the garage cleaning checklist.

Assess the Situation

prepare for garage cleaning

Everything starts by preparing yourself to take up this momentous task. It may take up your whole day. So, just clear your calendar and dedicate a complete day to making your garage sparkling clean again.

Move Everything Out of the Garage

It is better to move everything out from the garage to the driveway. This way, you have a clear and empty garage to start your cleaning process.

You can also reach the places you might not have been able to get usually.

Keep, Toss and Donate

belongings in a box

After taking all the items into your driveway, sort every item into three categories: Keep, Toss, and Donate.

Just keep all the items you think can go into your garage again. You may like to keep some things that you feel can be used later. You may also consider keeping items that hold a certain kind of emotional attachment.

Then toss away all the items you feel are unnecessary to clear away most of your garage space to keep essential things in it.

If some of the items in this list are in good condition, you can choose to sell them in second-hand markets online.

You can also choose to donate any of the items you are not using currently or items that you don’t want to keep, and at the same time are in excellent condition. Finally, go through your pile of stuff to check if you want to make any last-minute additions or deductions.

Similarly, remember not to keep certain things like pet food, propane, paint, etc., in your garage, even if you were holding them there earlier. Look for a new place to store these items.

Dust the Ceiling and Rafters

The next step of the garage cleaning checklist is to start dusting off all the dirty areas of the roof. Take a broom with a long handle and dust off the cobwebs on the rafters. You can sleep peacefully, knowing that there are no spiders in your home. If you could afford maid service cost, then it would be ideal to hire one and let them do this. 

You can also use a step ladder to reach inaccessible areas to deep clean everything.


sweeping garage cleaning checklist

Cleaning the top of your garage will make all the dirt fall on the floor, making it the right time to sweep your floor. Take a broom and start cleaning the dirt, dust, and leaves from your floor, thus sweeping away most of your worries! Make sure you also look at the tile and grout and, pretty much, it needs cleaning as well. There are special tile and grout cleaning products that you can use to keep remove all the dirt between the tiles and grouts. 

If you sweep everything into your driveway, it may make its way into your garage again, along with the wind. So, take a dustpan and fill up the pan with all the dirt to take it away somewhere far to throw it.


Now, after all the sweeping, it is time for some hot water and an all-purpose cleaner on your floor. Scrub the surface hard until you are satisfied that you have removed all the stains from the floor.

Sometimes you may not be able to remove that gunk that is lying on the floor for ages, especially mold. For this particular situation, use a pressurized washer. If you don’t own it, just rent it out at any hardware shops nearby. For mold growth, it’s best to follow safety mold cleaning tips to make sure you get rid of it without harming yourself and the garage itself. 

Install Storage Solutions

storage garage cleaning checklist

The higher the number of storage options in your garage, the less messy your garage will look. If you don’t have enough storage options in your garage, look around your home to see if any of the storage shelves or boxes can go into your garage.

If you can’t find any, you can always walk into a hardware store to get the right storage options for your garage.

Clean the Cabinets, Window Ledges

Take a rag to wipe down all the dust from your cabinets and window ledges. If you have any appliances that are stored in your garage, make sure you clean them too. If you can’t do this, you can go ahead and check some furniture cleaning services

Reassemble the Garage

Can you smell a clean-looking garage? This is the final part of your garage cleaning checklist. It is the right moment to bring all the stuff into your garage and reassemble based on how you want to organize your items.

After this much hard work, please don’t throw all the stuff randomly everywhere. It’ll take away all the effort you have put in until now.

But cleaning the garage is not a one-time thing. If you can take out some time to quickly clean your garage once a week, you can keep your garage squeaky clean for a long time.

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