Deep Cleaning House Checklist: A Room-by-Room Guide

Deep Cleaning House Checklist: A Room-by-Room Guide
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Raise your hand if you think regularly cleaning with a busy schedule or a huge family is exhausting and stressful. With toddlers running around or your pets wandering off, you knowingly forget about the little spots, dirt, stains, etc., building up in your home. You know what, we get it. No one has the time to clean every single day. This is why we created this super-efficient and handy deep cleaning house checklist for you to stay on top of things and take control.

One of the first things on our list is when something looks dirty, clean it immediately. If you don’t have the time, add it to your to-do list and finish it as soon as possible.

Also, stay on top of your laundry at all times. Piles of clothes can accumulate all over the house, making each room feel cluttered and messy. It’s best to have a fixed schedule for your laundry to avoid the floordrobe situation.

Having a few great tips in cleaning your house can really help to get you started in the right direction to get your house looking as clean as you want. While all these cleaning tips are important, you need an additional deep cleaning house checklist to keep your house looking and feeling fresh and hygienic. Let’s look at the top 8 tasks to tackle in each room for the best results.

The Deep Cleaning House Checklist

Kitchen/ Dining Area

cleaning a kitchen
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  1. Deep clean the floors.
  2. Remove any junk or unnecessary items from the kitchen. Donate, throw, or sell what you haven’t used within the past 1-2 years.
  3. Clean inside the refrigerator and freezer.
  4. Don’t forget to clean out the microwave.
  5. Clean the stovetop & oven.
  6. Wipe down the front of all cabinets.
  7. Clean and organize under the sink again, tossing what you haven’t used.
  8. Wipe down all light fixtures, handles, knobs, chairs, table legs, basically anything you frequently touch or that gets forgotten.


bedroom cleaning
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  1. Remove any items that don’t belong in the bedroom and toss, donate, or sell.
  2. Dust all surfaces, including ceiling fans, baseboards, and corners of the room.
  3. Wipe down light fixtures and any window coverings.
  4. Clean your mattress.
  5. Disinfects light switches, knobs, drawer handles, etc.
  6. Vacuum under objects and in the corners by any trim.
  7. Go through your closet and drawers and again toss, donate, or sell.
  8. Look through your room and remove anything that does not spark joy or serve a function for you.


cleaning a bathroom
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  1. Wipe down light fixtures and any vents.
  2. Deep clean the shower and shower door.
  3. Wipe down the walls.
  4. Clean the trash can inside and out.
  5. Remove any items that don’t belong and toss, donate, or sell.
  6. Organize and dean out the drawers and any linen closets.
  7. Deep clean the floors, including the corners and floor baseboards.
  8. Wash or wipe down the shower curtain and any glass items in the bathroom.

Living Room

  1. Vacuum and or wash couch cushions if applicable.
  2. Toss, remove, donate, or sell any items that aren’t being used or no longer spark joy or serve a specific function.
  3. Dust all things, including blinds, surfaces, fans, lampshades, etc.
  4. Disinfect light switches, handles, and remote controls.
  5. Vacuum or clean corners of the room and wipe down baseboards.
  6. Vacuum under all pieces of furniture if possible
  7. Remove any scuff marks from the walls or doors, apply paint as needed.
  8. Clean windows, window sills, and window treatments.

Tips To Tackle Each Job On The List

daily deep cleaning house checklist
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Daily Tasks

Now that you have your deep cleaning house checklist in place, start by taking on the daily chores. Once you have a daily routine, deep cleaning your home weekly or quarterly won’t be too stressful.

Your daily routine will also help in the long run. A clean home helps in maintaining a peaceful and positive environment. It is essential to start your day on a fresh note. It is necessary to avoid getting overwhelmed by countless cleaning tasks that keep piling up.

On that note, to avoid chaos, you can start by getting into these essential cleaning habits.

  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Do the dishes the moment you finish eating.
  • Clean while you cook. Cooking takes up a lot of time, so make the most of it by cleaning services while your roast is in the oven or gravy on the stove.
  • Clean and polish the sink to avoid debris build-up or foul odor.
  • Use the one-touch method. Here, you only touch an item once and put it in the respective place. This way, you won’t have to go back and forth to put the same thing in their place multiple times.
  • Clear your kitchen and bathroom counters. This way, your room will appear less chaotic.

Weekly Chores

The daily chores can make your life easy and hassle-free, but certain tasks need a lot more time and energy. Unlike daily tasks, your weekly chores don’t require your attention every day. You can simply do them one day a week to maintain the cleaning spree.

On the other hand, you allot these tasks on the day you’re free or when you don’t have any prior commitments. Your weekly chore routine includes tasks like cleaning your microwave from the inside, scrubbing down your kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaning all your brushes and sponges, etc.

Monthly & Yearly

Similar to weekly tasks, some labor induced tasks like carpet cleaning, changing vent and dryer, cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer, and more require thorough planning and careful considerations. Some tasks may even require professional assistance and care.

One smart way to stay on top of your monthly task is by delegating. Assign specific roles to your kids and family members to get things done quickly. Similarly, you can also hire a professional cleaning service to take care of your deep cleaning house needs on a monthly or yearly basis.

Yearly deep cleaning house tasks often get neglected, so make sure you follow our deep cleaning house checklist for sparkling results all year round. With continual upkeep, you’ll be able to avoid an arduous deep cleaning and enjoy the cleaning process by doing the bare minimum.


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