Daily House Cleaning Schedule And Tricks To Keep Your Home Clean

daily house cleaning schedule
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

You might have heard about Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same thing every day. Do you know why he does that? It’s one less decision for him to make that clears up his mind to do productive things that require attention. Does it ring a bell?

When it comes to cleaning, you can apply the same concept to your day. This way, you can get into new habits, change how you do things around the house, and become a lot more productive.

Yes, we’re talking about all the stuff that drives you crazy; put yourself on autopilot, and focus on the more important things on hand. Let’s look at these simple habits and changes you can make to prepare an efficient and working daily house cleaning schedule to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Make a Schedule

It is challenging to keep your home clean and tidy with a hectic work schedule. But believe it or not, it’s possible to keep your home clean by maintaining a daily checklist. How?

Keep your daily chores to the minimum and assign tasks to each member of the house. If you’re a one-man army, list down all the daily cleaning chores and divide them throughout the week. The other alternative would be to hire a professional to tackle those difficult cleaning tasks which no one wants to do.

Likewise, the smart thing is to keep the big, overwhelming tasks on your off-days to balance out the cleaning jobs. You can do simple chores daily and eventually make a habit out of it.

You’ll be surprised when the first thing you do in the morning is to make your bed and not indulge in your caffeine fix. Here are the little things to incorporate in your daily house cleaning schedule with a little strategic planning.

Make Your Bed

bedroom cleaning
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Making your bed each day is one of the best habits that you have to get into. Not only does a made bed look visually appealing in your room, it truly takes most of the space in your room. So keeping it clean will instantly make the room look better.

So do you make your bed each morning, or you just don’t care? Studies show it can make you more happy, positive and allow you to have a more successful day.

Clear Your Countertops

kitchen countertop cleaning
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Quite like your bed, your countertops take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen and bathroom. You don’t want to enter the room first thing in the morning to see clutter and crumbs.

Countertops can be magnets for clutter that continues to build on itself. It’s truly not the best way to start your day. That said, start your day by wiping your counters down the night before. It doesn’t require a major scrub down. It can just be a quick 30 sec wipe down.

Keep nothing except the absolute essentials on your countertops. Put everything in their respective cabinet or drawer to make your room look so much cleaner to the eye.

Get Rid Of The Floor-Drobe

After a long, hectic day, you just want to get home, change, and throw everything on the floor. Put your blinders on, put on your favorite pajamas, and forget about the floordrobe situation.

But the truth of the matter is, as soon as there’s one item on the floor, there’s like a hundred. The next time you need your favorite shirt or fancy skirt to wear somewhere, it’s just sitting on the floor all stinky and wrinkly.

The best habit here is to either fold your clothes, hang them up, or put them away in the laundry as soon as you change. This way, you won’t have the floordrobe situation anymore, and your floor will stay a lot cleaner.

Similarly, your clothes tend to stay clean for longer, too. It will also change your living environment and how you deal with your clothes and other items.

Put Your Dishes In The Right Spot

daily house cleaning schedule for dishes
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

This chore is truly the best to keep your house clean and functional. Simply put your used dishes in the appropriate spot after you’ve finished eating. Whether it’s in a dishwasher or hand washing your dishes, re-envision the way you enjoy a meal.

Some enjoy the prep portion of the meal; eating the meal is fun for everyone unless you’re a toddler who hates everything. You can also do the dishes when you’re cooking. This way, you won’t end up with a huge stack post-dinner.

Lastly, rinse and put the dishes where it belongs to dry. When you do this, you will not end up having piles of dishes lying around all over the kitchen.

Keep Shoes In The Shoe Rack

When you walk into a home, the first thing you see is the front entryway. If you have a messy or cluttered entry, it will make your house feel more chaotic and not calming.

Another easy way to keep your house clean is to keep your shoes in the shoe rack. You do not want your shoes cluttering up the front entrance. Doing so will only make your home feel a lot cleaner and calmer.

Your daily house cleaning schedule is not like a diet where you have to follow for months and months, and then maybe you’ll see some results. Cleaning is instantaneous, you do it, and you see the results immediately. It also helps maintain a positive attitude while keeping your house clean for family and guests.

That’s the cool thing about a daily cleaning schedule, and you can try various combinations and processes. You can do it for one day and notice an instant difference. If you do it daily, for a week, you’ll start to have a natural rhythm and feel good.

Lastly, if you do it for a month or more, it’ll be thoroughly ingrained in your mind. Anthony Robbins has a great quote, “If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always wanted.”



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