Coronavirus Home Cleaning: A Definitive Guide

Coronavirus Home Cleaning: A Definitive Guide
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Coronavirus brought a fast-paced world to stand still, and how! What started from a bat in China to a worldwide pandemic, this infectious disease is not to be taken lightly. Killing over 8 million people and counting, it’s best to stay clear of the virus with some necessary precautionary measures. But, with every media channel telling us how deadly the virus is, how does one do mundane household tasks without feeling anxious and uncertain? Our (no muss – no fuss) guide on coronavirus home cleaning provides everything you need to know about cleaning and disinfecting your household.

There’s always a thought in the back of your mind: can I catch the virus? Will I get Covid-19 if I touch food items in the supermarket? How should I sanitize the doorknobs? Basic tasks have turned into a nightmare for many as they try to do the day-to-day routine while keeping the family healthy and safe. What adds on to the stress is having to filter facts from fiction all because of the widespread misinformation present either online or through mainstream media channels. This puts everyone at risk. Follow our recommendations on cleaning and disinfecting your home for a stress-free time and avoid the dangers of self-cleaning.

One should focus on two aspects to keep the virus far away from you and your family.

Coronavirus Home Cleaning

It refers to removing dirt, microbes, germs, bacterias from surfaces. This is the general method to keep your home and family safe from any infection and disease. It’s always good to do a regular deep clean to ensure your kids and family are healthy. Maintaining healthy indoor air quality and hygienic kitchen and bathroom is key to a happy, healthy home.


It means using chemical-based solutions to kill germs or viruses from surfaces. This process will happen after cleaning your home. While cleaning gets rid of the dirt impurities, disinfecting the spaces ensures eliminating any residual germs, bacterias breeding on the surfaces. Also, disinfecting post-cleaning lowers the risk of spreading any disease or infection. Let’s learn more about routine cleaning and disinfecting your home.

Coronavirus Home Cleaning of Hard Surfaces

Before purchasing any disinfectants or chemical solutions, always read the labels clean non-porous surfaces wearing gloves and eye protection. Every home is unique, but common hard surfaces are doorknobs, handles, drawers, switches, lights, keyboard, monitor, gaming console, etc. It’s essential to clean these surfaces and then disinfect them. Use your regular detergent or soap and water solution to clean the surface. Follow up with disinfecting the area by wiping it down with 70% alcohol-based solution or bleach.

If you’re using reusable gloves, don’t use them for anything else rather than coronavirus home cleaning or disinfecting. Make sure to keep them away from your children’s or pet’s reach. It’s best advised not to use vinegar or any other natural products. Members with asthma or respiratory issues should not be present in the room while cleaning and disinfecting.

Do not use disinfectants on pets or yourself as doing so can seriously harm your body, causing irritation and burns.

Soft Surfaces

Use EPA-approved disinfectants for soft (porous) surfaces like fabrics, carpets, rugs, drapes, etc. Wipe them with a dilute disinfectant solution or deep clean with cleaners indicated for those surfaces. It’s best to exercise caution and launder these items if you notice contamination. Using the manufacturer’s instructions, one can easily launder these items and get them squeaky clean.


Alternatively, electronics can’t be washed or mishandled. They need care and guidance while cleaning. Your regular soap and water solution won’t come handy. Instead, follow the manufacturer’s instructions if present. If nothing works, it’s best to purchase wipeable covers to protect your electronics.

One can also use 70% alcohol sprays and wipe the surface down thoroughly. Remember, a small amount can go a long way. Don’t spray the solution directly onto your machines. Instead, spray it on a clean wipe and then clean it down.

Handling Laundry

Laundry is a routine task that needs the most attention in times of a pandemic. Day to day stack of clothes needs to be laundered on time with care now, more than ever. It’s one of the essential chores to lower the risk of spreading any infection. Here are a few ways to handle your laundry like a pro:

  • Wear disposable gloves.
  • Use EPA-approved products.
  • Use a disposable bag liner.
  • Launder items as per instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • If you’re not wearing gloves, make sure you wash your hands after.
  • Use an alcohol rub immediately after.
  • Do not rummage through dirty laundry.
  • Keep separate bags for linens, cotton, and whites from the start.
  • Use the warmest water setting to clean your clothes.
  • Dry your clothes thoroughly.

Taking these necessary coronavirus home cleaning measures will further lower the risk of COVID-19 or any other infection.

Groceries and Other Items

Though it’s not certain one can contract the virus through food or food items, the greater risk comes from touching a surface contaminated by the virus and then touching your face. It’s best always to wear a mask while food shopping and avoid touching your nose and mouth.

Maintaining good hand hygiene is also highly recommended along the lines of coronavirus home cleaning. Washing your hands for 20 seconds straight after grocery shopping or receiving a food delivery will prevent any infection or illness. There are a few steps one should keep in mind to avoid the virus:

  • Wear disposable gloves while handling any groceries or food items.
  • Remove any packaging or plastic seals and throw them in the waste bin.
  • Take out all items from the plastic containers and restore them in your boxes.
  • Dispose of any containers, cutlery, or paper napkins provided.
  • Microwave any take-out dishes for at least 20sec before consuming.
  • Always use clean plates and utensils.
  • Wash your veggies, fruits and produce under running water and soak them in bi-carb water dilute solution for a minimum 60 mins before use.
  • Dispose of your gloves and wash your hands for 20 secs.
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer immediately.

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