Coronavirus Cleaning Tips for Everyday Safety

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

For weeks altogether, self-isolation became our way of life. We had to take matters into our own hands and take all the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from COVID-19.?COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for several hours and even days altogether as it is an airborne disease. This makes it even more critical for us to fumigate each nook and corner of our home and regularly touch the surfaces we touch. To give you a helping hand here’s a helpful and handy guide on dealing with coronavirus cleaning tips.?

Everyone’s trying their best to maintain sterility, but many are still cautious about the virus with the ongoing scenario. From cleaning surfaces to washing hands multiple times a day, there are so many things to do. To make your life easier, here are some helpful steps you need to take to keep the coronavirus at bay.?

Understand the Basics

By now, you know the devastating effects of the coronavirus. Many mainstream media channels and online portals are all talking about the deadly virus. So, it’s best not to waste any time and get those basic coronavirus cleaning tips right.?

-Wash your hands for 20 secs before and after touching any surfaces.?

-Clean and disinfect your house every day.?

-Don’t forget to clean those dirty shoe boxes outside your home.?

-Use 70% alcohol-based disinfectants.?

-Use EPA-approved products.?

-While using wipes, opt for the ones that kill 99.9% germs.?

-Don’t use natural products or vinegar to clean areas.?

-Always wear your gloves and masks while going out.?

-Wash your feet with warm running water post a visit outside.?

-Always dispose of your gloves post-cleaning.?

-Wash your hands after disposing of gloves and then rub an alcohol-based sanitizer immediately.?

-Do not use the same water for cleaning, dishes, and laundry.?

-Do a deep cleaning of fabrics, rugs, carpets once a week.?

Types of Cleaners and Disinfectants

With various disinfectants in the market right now, which ones are indeed the best, most effective for your home? Here are a few DIY and WHO approved products for wiping out the breeding germs and bacteria from your home:

  • Detergent or soap mixed with water.
  • Bleach/ Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. (use gloves and eye protection before using)
  • 70% alcohol-based sanitizers.?
  • Sodium hypochlorite mixed with water.?
  • EPA-approved disinfectants.?
  • Bi-carb mixed with water for veggies and fruits.?
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if present, before you start cleaning certain items.?

High-Touch Surfaces

The surfaces you touch the most throughout the day are known as high-touch surfaces. For a while now, there’s been a constant focus on these surfaces. Items like knobs, handles, drawers, windows, keys, toys, remote, monitor, game controllers, toilet seat, keyboard, smartphone, and other day-to-day objects are high-touch areas. Cleaning these surfaces are mandatory and something you can’t risk missing.?

Keep disposable or reusable gloves handy and wipe down these areas thoroughly with soapy water or 70% alcohol wipes. Don’t forget to keep these chemical-based solutions away from children and pets.?

Now that you know how to clean during a pandemic, let’s go into the details.?

Understanding Coronavirus Cleaning?

The best victims of the virus are the places with the most high-touch surfaces, like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom space. It’s essential to understand what and where things need to be disinfected and cleaned during the crisis. Here’s how you can get it right!?


  • Keep a bottle of disinfectant at arm’s length.?
  • Wash your veggies, fruits, and produce with water for a minimum of 5 mins.?
  • Empty the grocery bag, and dispose of the pack in a waste bin.?
  • If you wish to reuse it, thoroughly wash it with soapy water and dry it completely.?
  • If you’ve got the time, soak your veggies in water for 60 mins before using it and washing it under running water to shake any dirt or pesticides.?
  • Wipe down all the metal and silverware.?
  • Empty the waste bin regularly.?


  • Do your laundry as soon as possible with appropriate disinfectants.?
  • Wear gloves while handling the laundry to avoid contamination.?
  • Use a laundry bag to collect dirty clothes.
  • Use lukewarm water and always add detergents to your laundry.?
  • Once done with your laundry, run your empty washing machine with warm water and disinfectant to avoid bacterial growth.?
  • Dry your clothes thoroughly.?


  • Wipe your bathroom (the wet surfaces) with disinfectants to avoid bacteria growth or virus build-up.?
  • Disinfect the toilet seat regularly.?
  • Dry your towels as soon as you use them.?
  • Empty the bathroom bin regularly.?
  • Clip your nails regularly and groom them to avoid dirt build-up.?

Simple Hygiene Measures

Disinfectants and cleaners will do their job, but you need to follow some simple hygiene measures to keep the virus farther away from your home. Similarly, these simple measures will truly protect you and your family’s health.?

  • Don’t touch your face when outside and always wear a face mask or covering.?
  • Minimize touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.?
  • Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands. Use your elbow or a disposable tissue.?
  • Practice social distancing, at least 1 meter from other people.?
  • Wear a safety PPE kit or face shield and gloves when traveling.?
  • Wipe touchscreen, armrest, and even your seat.?
  • Use an alcohol rub or spray continuously.?

Now that you know how to fight the fight use these simple coronavirus cleaning tips and beat the virus. With the right social distancing measures, active participation in cleaning and safety, and some patience, we can see this coronavirus pandemic through!

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