Complete Guide To Tipping Your House Cleaners in Franconia VA

Complete Guide To Tipping Your House Cleaners in Franconia VA
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you are looking to hire the right cleaning service, you might be wondering about tipping house cleaners in Franconia, VA. A true professional cleaning service in Franconia, VA will pay their workers enough that you don’t have to tip.

It can feel awkward to wonder if your local cleaning service in Franconia, VA expects you to tip or not, and can leave you feeling like you might have made an error. This is a normal feeling when it comes to hiring house cleaning services in Franconia, VA.

We are here to make your decision to hire the best cleaning service in Franconia, VA easy. This article will give you an expert opinion from house cleaners in Franconia, VA about what to do about tips and how to go about paying for house cleaning services.

Tips For A Full House Cleaning Service In Franconia, VA

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If you are hiring a professional house cleaning service in Franconia VA, they should charge a rate that allows them to pay the people cleaning your house a fair wage. Tips are not expected when you hire a reputable company for doing a full house cleaning.

Cleaners should make from $25 up to $40 per hour in Franconia, VA, depends on what service they are doing, cleaning prices are different. From this that will be a good wage for their skills. It takes practice and patience to be a house cleaner, and it is important that their valuable work is well compensated so that when they are done they can afford a nice life. 

Many people look down on house cleaners because of their historical role as lower class citizens or even slaves or from a lower caste. These days we all must realize that every human’s time is valuable, and having someone clean your home is a great privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Independent House Cleaners And Tipping

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If you have found an individual to clean your house without the backing of a cleaning service, you may find that tipping is a good way to keep them coming back. Independent house cleaners often charge lower rates, so giving them a tip if they do good work helps them to make their life better. More tips and checklist for house cleaning here.

You can show a house cleaner that you value their time and that you think they did a good job if you give them a tip. Usually a ten to 20 percent tip is fair if you believe that the house cleaner has done an excellent job.

You should be aware that if you want them to come back, you should probably give them the same tip the next time they come. It might be easier to agree that you will pay them a higher rate so there is not the guessing game of tipping or not. 

Tipping House Cleaners In Rental 

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If you take a vacation where you are renting a place and it comes with a housekeeping service, it is always appreciated if you leave a tip when you leave your rental at the end of your stay. Oftentimes, house cleaners of rental units don’t make quite as much money as a person who works cleaning residential homes, so giving them a tip is a big help.

Leaving a tip of five to fifteen percent can be enough when you stay at a rental unit for a short period or a long stay. If everyone gave a small tip to the people who clean rental units, those people cleaning would be much happier and have a better life overall

It is best to leave some cash in your rental unit, in a convenient place for the cleaner to find it and use it as they please want. On a bedside table is a great place, or on the kitchen counter so that it is obvious you left it for the cleaner and didn’t forget to take it with you.

Cash Tips Or Some Other Method

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Cash is usually the only method that works for tipping because it will be much easier for someone to deal with. Electronic payments are not so easy because they would need to have bank accounts and have the appropriate apps to receive money, this are most commonly use in tipping remodeling companies like this in Franconia VA.

When a cleaner receives a little extra cash it can make them feel very happy and they can buy themselves a treat. You might consider a gift certificate, but this limits what your house cleaner can spend it on and gives them less freedom.

It is fine to leave bills if that is convenient, but also spare change could be helpful, just not a lot of pennies, which could be annoying. You could also think of leaving a gift, but it could be best to ask your cleaner what they would like as a gift so it will be useful to them.

What If I’m Out Of The House During My House Cleaning?

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If you are not going to be around to give your cleaner a tip, you could put cash into an envelope and leave it for your cleaner. You could put their name on the envelope and write a quick thank you so that they know it is for them.

If you can’t leave the tip in person, you have to be very clear that what you are doing is giving money to your cleaner. If not, they could be confused about if the money is for them, or if it is your money that you forgot to put away.

Usually you will have a working relationship who is in your home while you are out of it, so you should open a line of communication about payments and tips. You can be direct and tell your cleaner that you want to tip them and ask them for the best way to do it.

Do Cleaners Pool Tips?

Kitchen cleaning with 2 maids

If you have a team cleaning your home, they may share all of the tips that are given to them. You could ask one of your cleaners if they pool tips and how they like to receive them.

It is always best to communicate about payments so that there are no misunderstandings. Being clear about how much house cleaning cost and how much you want to tip makes your working relationship much smoother.

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