What Does a Commercial Cleaning Service Cost in 2022?

What Does a Commercial Cleaning Service Cost in 2022?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you are looking for a company to do cleaning in a business or office setting, you may be needing a commercial cleaning service. This is an important service to find and so you also are most likely going to wonder about commercial cleaning prices

As a part of a business operation, you need to always try to minimise expenses, which in turn makes profits even higher, so finding good prices for commercial cleaning services is a part of making the business successful. Commercial cleaning service prices will depend a lot on what exactly you want the cleaning to entail, the frequency of cleanings and the location of the cleaning.

To help you find the most accurate estimates of prices for commercial cleaning in 2022, we have made this article with some information that will show you some commercial cleaning cost factors to see which ones you need and which ones you don’t. Whether you are looking into commercial office cleaning prices, or prices for a retail business, using this guide you can better fill in your budget and get a good idea of your costs going forward.

Commercial Cleaning Price List

This list shows the prices for cleaning a commercial space based on the size of the commercial space you are looking to clean. This will give you a better idea of the commercial cleaning cost based on the size of your business.

  • Up to 1000 Square Feet = $120
  • 1000 to 2000 Square Feet = $200
  • 2000 to 3000 Square Feet = $290
  • 3000 to 4000 Square Feet = $370
  • 4000 to 5000 Square Feet = $460

What Is Included In Commercial Cleaning?

A basic commercial cleaning service will normally entail cleaning common areas of an office space like hallways, break rooms, bathrooms and conference rooms. For a retail business this could be just cleaning around the floors and bathrooms. 

You should not expect a commercial cleaning service to clean any personal desk spaces. This is normally left to the employee who works at the desk. 

Commercial cleaning services won’t want to clean around any expensive equipment like computers, copy machines or other important office machines that could be damaged by improper cleaning. You normally have to hire a special cleaning service for these types of items or make special arrangements with your cleaning company. 

If you are a business owner looking to hire your first professional commercial cleaning company or if you are looking to switch your office cleaning service, we have a commercial cleaning services advantages to help you make a good decision.

Windows will sometimes be included in a commercial cleaning service, but sometimes you will need to hire a separate window washing service to take care of that. This depends on the size and the height of the windows. For larger windows or windows that are high up, you are more likely to need to hire a separate window washing service.

One Time Commercial Cleaning

If you are only looking for a one time cleaning for your commercial space, you can expect to pay a bit more. This is because the cleaning company wants to find regular customers who will generate more work and more revenue for them. 

A one time cleaning might come with extra fees because the company will not know your space and will not know what type of condition it is in. They may need to do a walk through before the cleaning to make sure that they can estimate an appropriate price for the cleaning service.

You can expect to pay at least $250 for a one time commercial cleaning service. This will depend on the area you are located and the cost of living there. Depending on the service, fees up to $800 could be possible.

Daily Commercial Cleaning

If you need to hire a commercial cleaning service to come to your business everyday you can expect to pay a reduced rate because the cleaning company will most likely only be working a few hours everyday to do maintenance cleaning. This is akin to a janitorial service. They may be able to come to your business every day after your normal business hours.

This can be a useful service for offices that are visited by clients and the public on a regular basis. It will ensure that your commercial space is looking as good as possible so that potential customers get a good impression of the business. 

Weekly Commercial Cleaning

Your business may want a once a week cleaning, usually on a Friday or on the weekend after the normal business week has ended. This is usually a deep cleaning that will get rid of all the dirt and grime that can accumulate during a busy week.

You can expect to pay about $150 to $250 for a weekly commercial cleaning. This depends on how many people come to clean the commercial space and how long it normally takes to make everything clean.

Hourly Commercial Cleaning Rates

In terms of paying an hourly rate for commercial cleaning services, you can pay as little as the minimum wage per cleaner, up to about $60 per hour. Higher prices are more likely, as commercial cleaning is difficult work that you should only trust to experienced professionals.

The average wage for a commercial cleaning person is $39 per hour. It is usually more skilled and experienced cleaners that will take on commercial cleaning, so you can expect to pay a high rate for their services.

You really get what you pay for when it comes to commercial cleaning, and it is smart to pay someone with experience who will know how to treat your business. There can be expensive equipment and sensitive information inside of a lot of commercial spaces, so you only want true professionals to be cleaning those spaces.


If your commercial space is located in a downtown area where parking can be difficult and expensive, you should expect to pay for your cleaning services parking or to validate their parking in your parking garage. Having to pay for parking can be too much of an expense sometimes, so cleaners will only agree to clean your office if they don’t have to worry about paying for parking.

Do You Need To Provide Water?

You should always try to make your commercial cleaning service feel comfortable and happy to clean your office or business. This will help them to do a better job and they will enjoy working for you and care about making you happy.

So yes, you should always make sure that a commercial cleaning service has access to drinking water, a bathroom, and possibly some snacks. This will help their day go better and they will be able to work a lot harder to make your business clean so it can impress customers.

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