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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The washing machine cleans itself, silverware in a dishwasher is a big no-no. Change your sheets every week! All of us wonder whether these things are right, or were they just made up by people to avoid or compel us to do our parts at home. Is it possible that all of these things are myths? Don’t you want these cleaning myths debunked?

The foremost question that arises in our minds is, how true are these conventional pearls of wisdom that our grandmothers have passed onto our mothers, and our mothers have passed onto us? We always seem to trust the things they do since they always have everything in order, don’t they? But are they doing everything rightly?

Cleaning is an unavoidable task in a household, and you must practice the highest level of hygiene you can. Making your home spotless is a priority everyone must-have. But it is also essential that you do things correctly, with the right amount of knowledge, and no amount of myths.

So here we are to simplify your cleaning philosophies and get your cleaning myths debunked.

You Don’t Need to Clean Your Dishwasher/Washing Machine!

Just because it is your washing machine or the dishwasher’s job to clean your clothes and your utensils, that does not mean that they do not need cleaning. It is a big myth if someone has told you that they clean themselves!

As much as they must clean your essentials, it would be best if you cleaned them from time to time. The dishwasher or the washing machine tends to get dirty on the inside due to all the waste particles left behind by the clothes or the utensils.

The dishwasher does not have an exit tap, and therefore, the particles left behind build up over time. You can effortlessly wash it with the help of a cup of vinegar poured in on a full cycle. Similarly, the washing machine too needs a deep cleaning, preferably once a month for both the appliances, with the help of some detergent on a hot wash.

Is Bleach/Vinegar the Ultimate Cleaner?

Bleach is considered the ultimate cleaner since it has the power to remove stains and color from any surface easily. What more do you need from your domestic cleaner? That is where people begin to believe the myth.

The real job of a cleaner is to clean dirt and residue from all surfaces in the house. Many brands selling bleach assure you that bleach will help you in all ways, from surfaces to clothes, whatever you need to clean. But is that what you are looking for?

In reality, bleach is not a cleaner but a disinfectant. It does an excellent job killing germs on surfaces, removing stains, and whitening clothes. But it sure does not have any properties that will remove dirt or residue from any surfaces. So is it the ultimate cleaner? No.

Similarly, vinegar too is a top-rated and versatile cleaner in all households. And it indeed is known to clean all surfaces and is hence a homemaker’s favorite. However, some surfaces must never come in contact with vinegar. Surfaces such as granite, marble, your tech products, and waxed furniture can be hopelessly ruined. So is it really ultimate?

Soaking the Cookware is Bad

After a good, hearty meal, you must wash the cookware. But many people tend to soak it up before they scrub it and finally put it away. But how good is the soaking part? Many people say that soaking the cookware is terrible. Is there any truth in it? Yes!

There may be some kitchenware or cookware that needs to be soaked well before scrubbing them, but there are also many other utensils in our kitchens that must not be soaked. This rule does not apply to appliances such as pots and pans made of stainless steel.

The stainless steel material is highly prone to water stains, and soaking these utensils can lead them to have pitted surfaces. Similarly, you must not even soak wooden surfaces since water can leadwood to split and warp, ultimately leading your utensils to get ruined over time.

Fancy Sprays for Windows

As long as you are getting your cleaning myths debunked, there is another one that many households need to be more aware of. We know of many people who use fancy and expensive sprays and cleaners for their windows, thinking that it is the best way to clean the surface.

But is it true that you have to buy the highest-priced cleaners time and again and drastically increase your monthly expenditure? 

Definitely not! Cleaning your windows does not always have to mean spending a hefty amount on something as small as a cleaning spray! Going all top-notch is the last thing one should do on a product like that.

It is quite underrated, but simplicity is key when cleaning around the house. You can buy whatever cleaner that suits you and your needs, and as a matter of fact, even avoid any commercial cleaners if you don’t wish to use one! You can achieve excellent results by merely mixing equal parts of vinegar and water, and make yourself a homemade solution!

Plants Purify the Air in the House

Everyone talks about how in-house plants can purify the air in the house. And there is nothing but the truth in that! Keeping some foliage in the house not just makes your home look more aesthetic; it also provides a much better ambiance.

Plants are an excellent element to keep in the house since they are known to purify the air, keep it clean throughout, uplift the house’s mood and vibe, and create a fresher and healthier environment for everyone to live in.

If you plan on keeping some plants or flower vases in the house, the top picks would be Boston ferns, peace lilies, and English ivy!

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