Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes and Tips to Fix Them

carpet cleaning mistakes
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Carpets and rugs add a lot of beauty and comfort to homes. It is due to the carpet that the concrete floors are kept under and there comes a softer, padded surface to sit or walk on. For flooring, carpets are indeed a great choice. Also, in places where the cold is pretty severe, carpets keep the room’s temperature warm and thus provide various benefits for homeowners and children. Carpets come in multiple colors and designs. However, maintaining them is a big deal, and you can make some simple carpet cleaning mistakes that could damage it.

One can get professional cleaners to come and get them cleaned. Many people try cleaning carpets themselves, and while cleaning, it makes a few obvious mistakes. Here are some common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Cleaning & Scrubbing

Are you cleaning the carpet once a year? The most rookie mistake homeowners make is not cleaning the carpet at periodic intervals. People tend to clean their carpets only once a year or after 6 or 7 months, which is not ideal. Carpets should be cleaned every two to three weeks, if not earlier. Else there will be dirt cumulation and is harmful to indoor air that becomes contaminated.

During the cold and flu season, there is a panic around disinfecting everything. But people tend to forget the carpet area. There is a particular need to disinfect the carpet every two weeks with specially formulated products and follow specific protocols.

So, while you’re busy disinfecting your house, pay special attention to your precious rug that is a breeding place for germs and bacteria alike.

Many homeowners and deep cleaners tend to scrub the carpet as a part of their cleaning regime, but it is not advisable. Scrubbing makes the fabric tear, and the color or design fades.


Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

It’s an honest mistake people make while they choose a cleaner for their carpet. By doing so, you’ll lower the longevity of the carpets. It is best to vacuum clean the carpets after pouring some baking soda or a cleaner that is advised by professionals. Baking soda helps to absorb the sticky smell from the carpet if any.

Be aware that carpet cleaning shampoos are to be used on a synthetic wall to wall carpet, not on your precious designer ones. Cleaning with chemical-laden shampoos can cause early discoloration or tears.

One easy way to solve this mistake is when you purchase a new cleaning product or something you’re unfamiliar with, it is worthwhile to flip over the bottle or package and quickly read the instructions.

You must understand where you’re supposed to use it and how you’re supposed to use it. That way, you won’t be ruining your carpet or spending extra time cleaning it if you just let the product do the work for you.


Stains and Spillage

Leaving stains when there is a spillage or a stain is among the most common carpet cleaning mistakes. It is always best to wipe or clean it off immediately. Another common mistake that people make is to keep the stains just sitting there and return to it when they do their routine cleaning. Leaving stains on the carpet for long can discolor the carpet.

Suppose you use scented power or deodorizer to nullify some of the carpet’s foul odor or make it smell fresh. However, these ingredients backlog the carpets.


Not Cleaning Mud

Often, guests or children tend to walk into the room with a lot of mud in their shoes. You feel instantly angry about the precious and expensive carpet you bought from one of the best design companies.

To remove the mud, you immediately rub with a wet towel. Though it’s a basic instinct, it’s a sheer mistake. It will ruin your carpet even more. Mud on the carpet tends to dry and stick to the carpet even more. The best way to clean your carpet is to scrape the dirt slowly and not with anything wet or even remotely damp.

You can even vacuum it out, but make sure you empty the vacuum bag. Your vacuum won’t catch allergens or dirt if its filter is full of the previous cleaning.

It is advised to stop every 15 mins and let your vacuum cool completely before continuing the operation. This will help maintain your vacuum usage and engine efficiency.


Avoiding Deep-Cleaning Techniques

On average, a carpet contains more germs than your toilet seat. Cleaning a carpet can make a significant difference in your home decor. So you can’t neglect that.

Choosing deep-cleaning techniques can be very damaging to the lifespan of your carpet if you are self-cleaning. You should indeed deep clean the carpet, but only professional maid services should do the job in this scenario.

The cleaners you choose to hire should be skilled with the equipment they’re using and have in-depth knowledge about the cleaning process. They also need to have enough experience to deal with any situation that comes their way.

Look out for registered cleaners near your area or ask friends and family for suggestions.

Alternatively, homeowners rent cleaning tools to clean their carpet without checking if the cleaning tools are working correctly or not. These damaging tools can use abrasive e-solutions and damage the soft texture of the carpet rather than deep cleaning it.

If you’re renting, proper research should be done in advance to avoid any mishaps.



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