Man cleaning a carpet
Carpet Cleaning

The Complete Guide to Carpet Cleaning Costs

On average, professional carpet cleaning costs $100 to $200 to have the carpets in a typical 2-3 bedroom home cleaned.  Having clean carpets is important for both the appearance and health of your home. However, carpet cleaning can be expensive if you hire professional carpet cleaning services. This guide will

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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Cost in Washington DC

Cleaning an office space regularly is crucial for businesses in Washington DC. A clean workspace promotes employee health, productivity, and morale. When considering office cleaning services, companies must balance cost, quality, and reliability. This guide examines average office cleaning rates in Washington DC and factors that influence pricing. Average Hourly

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Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Cost Washington DC

The average cost for a basic move-out cleaning service for a 1-2 bedroom apartment in DC ranges from $80 to $150. The average for a 2-3 bedroom house cleaning ranges from $130 to $250. Moving is already stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning your old place and new

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fastmaid cleaning service
fastmaid cleaning service
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