Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: Your Guide to a Sparkling Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist: Your Guide to a Sparkling Bathroom
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Cleaning your bathroom can be a tiresome and tedious task and understandably so. Our bathroom tends to get dirty simply because we don’t clean it properly. Due to a lack of time, interest, and, most importantly, a bathroom cleaning checklist. Further, we only clean places which look dirty but looks can be deceiving. For instance, tiles and grout that appear fine but tend to get steadily dirtier as the grime keeps collecting. In the end, it becomes a chore to scrub them clean. So, how can we keep our bathroom in a good condition? For that, we have just the right bathroom cleaning checklist for you. You can paste it on your door or wall and complete one little task a day. You can also try dedicating around an hour a week for this purpose. Doing this will prevent you from getting bogged down with work.

The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

By doing every one of these tasks mentioned in the bathroom cleaning checklist once per week, you can save yourself from much trouble. You can keep your bathroom clean and avoid significant problems in the future.

Clean Your Shower and Bathtub

shower bathroom cleaning checklist

With even the slightest neglect, tile and grout can steadily get slimy. This can make your shower and bathtub extremely hard to clean. Prepare a DIY homebrew by mixing a quarter cup of vinegar, some drops of lemon essential oil, two drops of dish detergent, and sufficient water in a bottle. Spray or sponge this solution onto your shower or tub once or twice every week. Now add some baking soda and produce a light paste in a bowl. Use it with a toothbrush to scrub off light mildew and water spots. Remember to spray and wipe down the tub or glass following each shower. Doing this prevents water stains from building up. Eventually, you can try replacing your bar soap with liquid soap. This is because the latter does not leave irritating residue in your shower.

Wipe the Shower Rings and Rods

Bathrooms Bathrooms with a shower/tub combination tend to come with shower curtains and rods. Fungi and stains tend to build upon the rings and rod. Thus, you should take out a few minutes every week to wipe them clean with a cloth.

Proceed to Clean The Vanity

Filth tends to accumulate on the bathroom sink and in the vanity area. That is because these places take a heavy beating between makeup, shaving cream, toothpaste, and hair care material. Therefore, you need to give them a special place in your checklist right from the start. Simply wiping your sink every day and cleaning it off every week can help a lot. Make sure to wipe the vanity with your cleaning solution after every makeup session. You can scrub the vanity from top to bottom every week.

Scrub the Sink Fixtures

Clean Sink

Fungi tend to accumulate under the stopper or drain cover in your sink. Therefore, scrub them using your baking soda solution once every week. After that, spritz a paper towel with Windex and clean them up. That should take care of the accumulated grime there.

Make That Mirror Shine

The mirror deserves a special place in your bathroom cleaning checklist. After you have cleaned up your vanity and sink, you can spray your mirror with the cleaning solution. Now proceed to clean it carefully with an old newspaper or paper towels.

Proceed to Clean the Drawers

It is recommended that you place the cabinets and drawers near the bottom of your bathroom cleaning checklist. That is, after everything except the bathroom floor. That is because dust and unwanted objects might fall out of the drawers onto your freshly cleaned floor. After cleaning the drawers, make sure you keep them well organized.

Clean The Medicine Cabinet

Unwanted objects tend to accumulate in your medicine cabinet as well. Therefore, try cleaning and reorganizing it every month or so.

Proceed to Disinfect Your Toilet

clean toilet in a bathroom

Yes, this is the most revolting part of the bathroom cleaning checklist. But for the sake of hygiene, you know you cannot ignore it. Use your cleaning solution to wipe the outer surface of the bowl every week for adequate disinfection. Once that’s done, add some drops of tea tree oil and half a cup of vinegar twice or thrice a week. Then add two denture cleaner tablets to the bowl and close the lid. Let it do its job overnight and flush it in the morning.

Do Not Forget the Garbage Bin

Your garbage bin is a necessary but generally overlooked part of your bathroom cleaning checklist. Remember to change the liner in the bun every week. If it is unlined, rinse it properly every few weeks.

Clear the Air Vents

Yes, the air vents tend to go unnoticed in your bathroom cleaning checklist too. However, they also tend to get clogged with fungi as a result of steam and waste material. Unscrew the vent and clean the inside using a paper towel and cleaning solution. Now replace the vent after a few minutes. Doing this once per month helps to keep the air in your bathroom healthy.

Pay Attention to the Baseboards

Baseboards tend Baseboards tend to receive scant attention in your bathroom cleaning checklist as well. Therefore, set out some time to clean them properly every month.

Proceed to Wash and Air-Dry Your Rugs

Carpets and rugs in your bathroom can collect loads of dust, hair, and all kinds of residues. Therefore, they deserve a special place on your cleaning list. You can put machine washable rugs in the wash every weekend or so. Allow them to dry in the sun before putting them back.

Finally, Clean the Floor

As mentioned above, cleaning the floor is the final task on your bathroom cleaning checklist. Make sure you sweep or vacuum it every two days or so. Clean it up properly using a spray bottle and mop.

With that, your bathroom will remain clean and hygienic.


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