8 Easy Apartment Cleaning Hacks For A Sparkling Clean Home

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Between work, sleep and social life, apartment cleaning can seem like it is on the bottom of your priorities list until it becomes super necessary. Having some apartment cleaning hacks up your sleeve can make this chore much easier to deal with though.

You might wonder how to clean your apartment in the most efficient way possible, and the best apartment cleaners certainly have their tricks. After you know some handy apartment cleaning tips, you will find that your apartment always looks great. We have the best way to clean your apartment even before you move out.

For this article we have asked the experts from our apartment cleaning service for their secret apartment maintenance tips that will keep your apartment looking amazing. After you read this guide, you won’t have any trouble keeping your place looking clean and comfortable.

How To Deep Clean Apartment: Start From The Top

If it has been awhile since you have done a thorough and deep house cleaning and the dust is starting to pile up, you need to do a deep cleaning. Always start a deep apartment cleaning at the top of the area you want to clean, that normally means the ceiling.

Professional expert cleaners start at the top because dust will inevitably get kicked up and fall to lower surfaces. When you clean from the top, you will be working your way down and will be able to get rid of the dust you kicked up earlier when you get to it.

If you started lower, you would be kicking the dust right back to where you had already cleaned and make it dirty. That means twice the cleaning, which can tire you out and make it hard to deep clean your apartment all in one go.

Apartment Cleaning: Bathroom

Maid cleaning bathroom

Keeping your bathroom maintained in a cleanly state is of the utmost importance to your well being and to your presentation to guests especially when planning to do a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms are where we make messes, but we also get clean, so it needs to be an almost sterile environment to work properly.

When you want to clean your toilet, a great hack is to use toilet paper with a little water and soap. Just wipe all of the surfaces of the toilet with the toilet paper, then when you are done simply throw the soiled paper into the toilet and flush it away.

You also need to keep your sink clean. It can be really helpful to have a sponge or rag dedicated to wiping the sink and keeping it clean. Keep it dry between uses and handy so that you can always pull it out when the sink starts looking dirty.

Make Your Bed

A great habit to have that keeps your apartment looking cleaner is to make your bed soon after you wake up and start your day. Apartments are pretty small spaces, and a messy bed can make the entire house feel much dirtier than it really is.

There is also the fact that bees or other insects can hide in an unmade bed and bite or sting you when you get in. Stay protected and make your house look better by having a habit of making your bed soon after you get out of it.

You should also change your sheets about once per week to keep them fresh and clean looking. We can make quite a mess in the night, and changing your sheets often makes them last longer and your apartment feel cleaner.

Wash The Dishes

maid washing dishes

Nothing makes an apartment look messier than having a sink overflowing with dirty dishes. Even a few dirty dishes can make you feel less comfortable because it will seem like there is nowhere that you can put your new dirty dishes after eating. It’s a waste when you have a beautiful kitchen ideas when its all dirty due the unwashed dishes.

It is ok to skip about one meal of dishes depending on the size of your family. But anymore than that will start to look terrible and will possibly overwhelm you.

If you constantly battle piles of dirty dishes, you might consider getting rid of some of your plates, bowls and silverware. This will mean that if you want to have dishes, you have to wash them more often because there won’t be enough in your cabinets to keep grabbing new ones.

Vacuum or Sweep Every Few Days

carpet cleaning

Having dirty floors can be a real problem and the dirt builds up more quickly than most people imagine. You need to clean your floors with a vacuum or broom every three days or so to keep them clean and comfortable to walk on.

All that dirt that you track in from outside can make a breeding ground for bacteria, or could get kicked up into the air and enter your lungs. These situations can have serious consequences for your health so you should keep your floors clean to keep your body healthy.

Take The Trash Out Regularly

If you let your trash pile up in the can it can start to stink and it looks terrible. Take it out every couple of days so that it never piles up and you won’t have a big problem carrying it outside.

Trash can easily attract flies and other insects that spread disease. Taking your trash out on a regular basis maintains a healthy atmosphere in your home that will make you feel more calm and happy.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Together

Maid holding cleaning supplies

It is a good idea to have all of your cleaning supplies in one handy bin that you can bring out and get to work with. Keep your cleaning supplies simple and you will be able to have everything that you need with you during your entire cleaning routine.

Vinegar is a natural all purpose cleaner that takes the place of several cleaning products in your house. White vinegar is great for disinfecting surfaces, cleaning glass and many other helpful cleaning purposes.

Declutter Surfaces

Maid wiping countertop

It is so easy to start leaving the things we accumulate on surfaces around the house, thinking we will find a better place later. Once a week you should go around to all of your surfaces and pick up anything that isn’t necessary. 

Then you can have a bin where you keep all of your clutter so you can have it if you need it, but it is out of sight. Having clear surfaces will make your mind feel more at ease and you can move on to living your life in much healthier ways.

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