The Cost of Cleaning an Apartment: A 2024 Price Guide

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Table of Contents

Keeping an apartment clean can be time-consuming and tedious. While some prefer to scrub their space themselves to save money, others find the chore unbearable and turn to professional apartment cleaning services cost often for help. But how much does it actually cost to hire apartment cleaning help? Get the full breakdown with our 2024 apartment cleaning cost guide.

Factors That Impact Apartment Cleaning Price

Several key factors determine apartment cleaning prices and what you can expect to budget when hiring a cleaning company to help:

  • Location: Cleaning rates can vary greatly depending on where you live. Urban areas typically have higher rates.

  • Square Footage: The size of your apartment dictates how long the job will take and impacts rates. Expect to pay more for larger properties.

  • Cleaning Frequency: Opting for weekly or monthly cleaning is cheaper per session than one-off deep cleaning services.

  • Extent of Service: Prices range based on the level of cleaning detail needed and extras like oven cleaning, laundry, etc.

Now that you know what affects the cost of regular cleaning, let’s explore average cleaning rates.

Average Hourly and Square Foot Cleaning Rates

According to HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide, apartment cleaning prices range from $25 to $50 per hour or $0.10 to $0.35 per square foot based on size and services included.

Professional cleaners typically charge either an hourly rate (averaging $30-$50 per hour) or by the square foot. Average per square foot pricing lands around:

  • Studio type: $0.20 – $0.35 per square foot

  • 1-bedroom apartment: $0.15 – $0.28 per square foot

  • 2 to 3-bedroom apartment: $0.13 – $0.25 per square foot

  • Larger properties: $0.10 – $0.21 per square foot

These numbers provide a baseline but don’t account for extras that drive house cleaning prices higher. Getting exact rates requires free estimates from house cleaning services options near you.

Cost Breakdown by Apartment Size

How much should you actually budget based on the size and number of bathrooms in your rental? Here’s an overview:

Studio Apartment Cleaning Cost

At around 500 square feet or less on average, studio apartments range from $100 to $175 per basic cleaning session:

  • Light cleaning: $100 to $130

  • Deep cleaning service: $130 to $175

Since the space is smaller, expect to pay around $30+ per hour.

1-Bedroom Apartment Cleaning costs

For a 650 to 800 sq. ft. one-bedroom apartment, prices float between $130 and $225 per cleaning:

  • Light cleaning: $130 to $170

  • Deep cleaning: $170 to $225

The larger square footage pushes rates down slightly hourly as cleaners can work more efficiently. Expect $25 to $35 per hour.

2-Bedroom Apartment Cleaning costs

At 900 to 1,100 sq. ft., 2-bedroom apartments generally run $180 to $300+ per standard cleaning:

  • Light cleaning: $180 to $240

  • Deep cleaning: $220 to $300+

The hourly rate holds steady at that $25 to $35 range owing to the greater efficiency cleaners gain working larger spaces.


For apartments over 1,100+ sq. ft., anticipate higher overall weekly cleaning service fees in line with the greater time demands:

  • Light cleaning: $220+

  • Deeper cleaning: $270+

As properties grow into the 2,000+ sq. ft. range (like a detached casita), expect to pay up to $400+ per cleaning session.

Knowing typical rates eliminates sticker shock when requesting free quotes. But what exactly impacts costs beyond just apartment size?

Variables That Increase Apartment Cleaning Prices

You may wind up paying more than average if your apartment has certain features or specialized needs:

  • State – Certain states and metro areas have exceptionally high costs of living and salary standards that raise rates. Places like NYC and San Francisco should expect elevated quotes.

  • How many rooms – Apartments with 4+ bedrooms and baths require much more cleaning time.

  • Deep cleaning services – A one-time “move-out” or deep cleaning costs 50%+ over standard rates.

  • Laundry & closet organization – Having cleaners handle piles of laundry or messy closets adds hours to jobs.

  • Oven/vent hood cleaning – Thorough oven scrubbing could cost an extra $50+.

  • Refrigerator cleaning – A sparkling fridge interior may be $20 to $40 extra.

  • Window/blinds cleaning – Tall windows and lots of blinds also up the rate substantially.

  • Waxing/sealing floors – Wood or tile waxing floors and sealing runs $100+ more.

  • Pet hair removal – Dog/cat hair tangled into carpets and furniture eats up ample extra time.

  • Dishes done – Stacked dirty dishes in the sink can make cleaning extremely unpleasant and drive service costs up.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Expect to pay around $0.30 per sq. ft. for standard carpet cleaning service for common areas. Stain treatment or pet urine removal costs more. The total bill for a 500 sq. ft. apartment would land around $150.

When reaching out to many house cleaning companies, inform them upfront about “dirty” factors impacting turnaround time. This allows them to give the most reasonable price estimate. If you want to lower costs, offer to handle some tasks (like dishes and pet hair removal) yourself ahead of cleanings.

How to Get the Best Apartment Cleaning Services Rates

Looking to trim down the money you spend while still getting a sparkling space? Here are pro tips:

Supply Your Own Cleaning Products

Consumer Reports advises apartment renters to ask about green cleaning methods and own supplies when hiring to reduce exposure to harsh chemicals. Supplying your own eco-friendly products can also lower quotes by up to 20%.

The cleaning supplies cleaners use can significantly influence rates. Providing your own cleaning supplies and eco-friendly cleaning products saves markup while encouraging green cleaning methods.

Offer a Consistent Schedule

Like gyms, cleaning companies offer better loyalty pricing to regular clients scheduling routine service. Once-a-week or monthly cleanings score discounts over one-off jobs.

Group Neighbors for Volume Discounts

Nearby tenants can request group quotes from cleaning firms. Because crews can efficiently hit multiple apartments in the same community, they extend generous discounts off typical condo or apartment cleaning rates.

Look for Deals on First-Time or Off-Peak Cleans

Many cleaning services run first-time customer specials via apps or try tempting promotions during slower winter months when business dips.

Seek Individual (Non-Company) Cleaners

Bigger cleaning firms have layers of fees built into prices. Independent cleaners operating directly offer competitive rates with all earnings going straight to them instead of corporate overhead and franchising fees.

DIY Deep Cleaning

Don’t overpay for cleaning you can do it yourself at a reasonable standard. Focus pro cleaners only on heavy jobs like ovens, vents, shower tile grout, and high windows.

Comparing House Cleaning Services Cost vs. DIY Cleaning

Many apartment renters moving from houses wonder how professional house cleaning service rates compare to tackling messes yourself using DIY elbow grease. Factors like smaller spaces and tenant privacy affect apartment rates’ uniqueness. However, a general house cleaning cost overview still proves helpful in understanding the household cleaning marketplace.

On average, consumers pay between $30 and $80 per hour for house cleaning crews to tend their properties. Or cleaning service providers may charge by the square foot, ranging from $0.10 to $0.35 based on home size and location.

For a standard suburban home spanning 1,500 to 3,000 sq. ft., a typical biweekly or monthly just cleaning job might run $150 to $350 per session. Deep cleaning or move-out packages reach upwards of $400 plus.

You also need to consider cost variability between franchises like Merry Maids versus local independent house cleaning companies or even individual house cleaners with advertising services on apps and community bulletin boards nearby. Franchises carry substantially higher overhead, prescribing set service packages instead of customizable à la carte ordering.

Several reasons explain the discrepancy:

Tedious Kleenex Cleaning

Outside roomy free-standing homes allowing cleaners to haul gear efficiently on carts, apartments entail schlepping armfuls of supplies down halls and up cramped elevators. The commute between the suite and gear stash can waste substantial work time.

Tight Cleaning Quarters

Navigating through narrow apartment spaces with low ceilings proves more exhausting and challenging than cleaning expansive houses. Cramped quarters curb a house cleaner’s stamina and productivity.

Tenant Privacy & Security

Unlike privately owned homes where trusted recurring cleaners hold keys, apartment teams access units each time. The continual turnover from protecting tenant safety limits the per-visit efficiency training.

Per square foot or per hour, apartments ultimately squeeze cleaners’ earning potential. Offsetting budgets instead requires cutting frequencies or loosely defining “standard” cleaning services near them so crews can work rapidly.

The Cost Equation Changes for Vacant Apartment Cleaning

One apartment cleaning situation where pricing shifts cheaper is turnover service for vacant rentals between tenants. Devoid of furnishings and personal items, empty apartment units have far fewer environmental obstacles impeding cleaning crews from working quickly.

The easier working conditions allow companies to offer vacant apartment cleaning at these discounted rates:

  • Studio apartment: $75 to $150

  • 1-bedroom: $100 to $175

  • 2-bedroom: $125 to $225

  • 3-bedroom: $150 to $275+

So if you want cleaning costs slashed by roughly 25%, schedule a vacancy between leases. Just expect intense top-to-bottom sanitization readying the unit for rental showings and new occupants.

7 Money-Saving Apartment Cleaning Alternatives

Regular pro cleaning still remains outside many renters’ budgets. Luckily, alternatives exist allowing DIYers to secure clean dwellings with less financial strain. Options include:

1. Trading Services

Bartering spaces with a responsible neighbor can prove cost-effective. Agree to scrub their home if they handle yours at specified intervals.

2. Cleaning Co-ops

Gather several nearby tenants together to form an official co-op. Take turns hosting the group to socialize as you all collectively tackle cleaning different units each session.

3. Rental Rewards Programs

Some complexes offer monthly rental credits allowing residents to earn money off leases by completing community cleaning tasks like laundry room wipe-downs or courtyard litter removal.

4. Housekeeper “Ride Alongs”

Accompany a friend or family’s existing housekeeper asking to train you on their cleaning methods. Then implement their lessons in your own space.

5. DIY Cleaning Classes

Community centers often host workshops teaching economical cleaning techniques at low one-time fees.

6. Online Tutorials

YouTube overflows with experts generously demonstrating cleaning tricks perfect for amateur imitation.

7. Cleaning Checklists

Print free detailed cleaning checklists available online to systematize and expedite your own top-to-bottom process without wasting supplies, time, or energy.

The Power of Regular House Cleaning

While potentially saving short-term outflows on cash, abandoning professional cleaning services to shoulder the entire burden yourself filming sacrifices longer-range dividends associated with consistent external service:

  • Prevents costly damage and repairs if issues like leaky pipes, appliance faults, weather seepage, and rodents get addressed faster under regular inspection

  • Avoids a decline in home value and future resale power resulting from latent issues or deferred maintenance

  • Reduces mental stress and physical risks trying to self-manage intensive chores as you age

  • Catches pesky areas easily overlooked when cleaning solo but contributing to allergen and germ issues

Choosing the Best House Cleaning Service Match

Whether hiring help or flying solo, optimize your apartment cleaning approach using this closing advice:

  • Gather multiple free quotes instead of jumping on the first estimate

  • Ask about eco-friendly supply options and cleaning methods

  • Look for bonding and insurance covering loss and breakage

  • Check reviews ensuring quality service and security vetting

  • Request the same recurring team allowing familiarity with your space

  • Provide exact details on apartment layout, problem areas, supplies, etc. to prevent billing surprises

  • Start conservatively with lighter cleanings

  • Specify whether you want surfaces just “tidied” or more rigorously sanitized

  • Upgrade gradually only as needed based on routine grime levels

  • Tip crews generously for stellar service

Scaling professional cleaning costs warrants planning and compromise. But once implemented thoughtfully, the benefits of reclaimed personal time and restored domestic peace run absolutely priceless.


How are apartment cleaning prices determined?

Professional apartment cleaning services typically price jobs either by the hour (ranging from $25-50/hr) or by the square footage (around $0.15 to $0.35 per sq. ft.). The size of your rental properties, frequency of cleaning, extras you add on, and your location all impact quotes.

What apartment cleaning tasks might cost extra?

Any deep cleaning projects like oven scrubbing, or window cleaning, washing, laundry, or refrigerator cleaning could take on $20 to $100+ depending on the work scope. Similarly, waxing hard flooring or shampooing carpets also increases rates.

Does an empty, vacant apartment cost less to clean between tenants?

Yes, since vacant units only contain landlord-provided furnishings and apartment appliances, vacant deep cleaning rates run cheaper than inhabited apartment cleaning prices. Expect to save around 25% off standard fees when an apartment sits vacant awaiting turnover.

How much should cleaning cost in a large 3-bedroom apartment?

The above average cost range runs $220 to $400+ per session for a furnished 3-bedroom apartment exceeding 1,100 sq. ft. House cleaning services appraise the actual size, furniture volume, closet loads, appliance set, and overall condition impacting turnaround times which then informs exact rates.

Can I lower apartment cleaning prices by providing my own eco-friendly cleaning supplies?

Yes, supplying your own chemical-free cleaning products saves companies their typical product markup so they extend that savings to customers. Using green cleaners is better for health too.

Should I tip apartment cleaning crews?

Tipping cleaning teams between 10-20% of total fees helps retention, especially if you use the same cleaner or crew regularly. Apartments prove more demanding than houses, so tips reward stellar service.

What’s cheaper for apartment cleaning – maid service companies or individual cleaners?

Licensed individual cleaners operating independently generally offer more competitive pricing than larger corporate cleaning firms. They don’t load fees to fund training programs, support franchises, or pad corporate-level salaries.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the right cleaning service, people mainly want to know: How much will it cost deep clean it? The rates can add up quickly. But with the right tips, you can save money and still keep your space nice. Researching reasonable prices and national average costs provides a helpful baseline.

If hiring pros, give them green cleaning products instead of expensive store brands. See if they can come more than once a month to lower each bill. Ask close-by neighbors to hire the same crew on the same day—that nets everyone discounts.

Beyond using services, try swapping chores with trustworthy roommates. Make clutter control a fun team effort by hosting cleaning parties. Check if the landlord gives gift cards for quick jobs like wiping gym gear in shared laundry rooms.

Don’t forget that YouTube and blogs have awesome free step-by-step guides to DIY without spending lots of cash on supplies. Hardware stores also run free classes on treating stains, fixing pipes, and more in your own apartment.

Have pros scrub the oven, sinks, tub, and toilet since those impact health. Handle light dusting and sweeping yourself using checklists to stay fast but have thorough cleaning yourself. Over time, the savings add up.

Tempting as it seems to move out cleaning yourself, dropping all apartment cleaning has risks too. Letting surfaces get too grimy or overlooking clogged drains can draw germs and bugs. It can also lower what new tenants would pay in rent after you leave. Weigh choices carefully.

Sure, apartment and home cleaning and prices cause frustration sometimes. But exploring options exposes chances to get creative in caring for your home in ways that work for your life. With the right balance of effort—whether yours or hired help’s—any room can sparkle affordably. Stay hopeful in the hunt for solutions.


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