9 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean House

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We all know someone who makes us wonder if they just spend their whole lives house cleaning because their place seems to be always spotless. Maintaining a clean home can seem like an insurmountable task for a lot of people, but then there are those who seem to find home cleaning to be effortless.

It is really easy to get behind on your house cleaning and it may seem like there is no way you will ever live in one of those picture perfect clean homes, but there are some easy sort of tricks you can use to get your home in shape and keep it that way. To help you start having a clean home we have created this article with nine of the best secrets of people who always have a clean house.

You can use these secrets in your life to start improving the cleanliness of your home so that you can feel better about being there and inviting people over. These secrets are easier than you think, and if you start using them your home is going to look a lot better and you won’t even feel like you are house cleaning.

Keep Surfaces Clear

Household surfaces like coffee tables, counters and desks are great places to put those items you carry into your home and want to deal with at a later moment. Then soon those surfaces look cluttered and it can ruin the atmosphere of the entire house.

A good house cleaning secret is to keep those little items that pile up on flat surfaces hidden in drawers or anywhere out of sight. Either start making a habit of putting things like receipts in a certain drawer, or have a certain day where you take everything that has accumulated on flat surfaces and put them away or throw them away.

If you keep your big flat surfaces clear, your home is going to look a lot cleaner and you will have a clear mind.

Get A Professional Jump Start

It may seem that some folks are master house cleaners, but many are actually hiring house cleaning services to get a boost. Especially when you are feeling too far behind on cleaning to make a dent, hiring a professional house cleaning service can help you to get into a baseline of cleanliness that is easier to maintain.

Getting the help of a house cleaning company to help you knock down some of those deep cleaning tasks that you are avoiding will be like lifting a weight off of your chest, and then it will be much easier for you to maintain a clean home. You can hire a house cleaning service regularly to come and clean that will help you to maintain your home.

Clean As You Go

All of those people you idolize as cleaning gods are actually humans just like you who have developed good cleaning habits, and one of the best secret habits is to simply clean as they move about their normal day. Teach yourself to pick up any mess you see as you are walking through your home.

A lot of us might see a mess and feel some anxiety or plan to clean it when we have time. But really clean people tackle each little mess as they find them and then they don’t pile up. It may help to keep more strategic trash bins around the house so that you don’t have to go out of your way to throw something away.

Learn Where To Focus

It can feel overwhelming to be thinking that you need to clean your entire house all of the time. Focus your energy on those areas you spend the most time or that you always notice looking messy and you won’t feel so helpless.

Learn how to quickly organize your most important spaces, and if you feel like there is no way to do that, think about redesigning that area so that it won’t get messy in the first place. Maybe you need to start keeping some items in a different room or just need to get rid of some things. 

Have A Place For Everything

Items that don’t have a specific place will tend to pile up and look messy. Every item in your home should be something that is important to you, and you should have a place where it belongs, then always make sure everything is in its place.

If an item just doesn’t seem important anymore or you can’t find a good place for it, it should not be in your home and you should give it away or sell it.


A great secret of the best house cleaners is to use the one in one out policy. Everytime you bring something new into your home, you should get rid of an old thing that is no longer useful. 

Especially if you have a problem with clutter, shedding some unused items and simplifying your life will go so far toward making your home a clean environment.

Create New Storage

Maybe you can add a shoe rack to the back of a door, or a new shelf in one of your closets. Any way that you can add a bit of hidden storage space will give more items a designated place and will make your home look cleaner.

To get some new storage ideas, you can check out the storage section at a home improvement store and see what types of options you might like for your home.

Make Cleaning Fun

Listening to music or a podcast during cleaning can make the chore feel a lot less boring. You could get into a story podcast where you want to hear the next chapter, but only listen to it while you are cleaning, that way you will look forward to cleaning so that you can hear more of the story.

Make A House Cleaning List

Keeping a house cleaning list with chores you should do daily and weekly will help you to stay on top of all of your chores. Make it a checklist and make it very visible, so that if you fail to check something off you will see it and be reminded that it is something you must do.

If you start making a habit of checking your house cleaning list you will find that your home will stay a lot cleaner and it will be easier than you imagine. 

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