2 Maids Are Better Than 1

House Cleaning in Northern Virginia
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

House Cleaning in Northern Virginia does not have to be stressful when there is Fast Maid Services. Usually, when you hire maid services, you expect them to take initiative and clean accordingly, but this can result in major disappointment and lead you to become disgruntled with the individual or company, thus increasing your stress level unnecessarily. Why go through this situation when there are professional companies around who know what they are doing? A list of services is provided for you and the representative of the company, outlining exactly what you would be paying for so that your expectations remain intact.

Packages for House Cleaning in Northern Virginia are tailored for your budget and time. For instance, if you need to have 8 hours of cleaning, 2 maids are sent so that you have exactly 4 hours of cleaning done at the same time, drastically reducing your time significantly. Think about spending 8 hours at work. You work, take a break, have lunch, work again and then leave for home. Seems rather counterproductive to have 1 maid work an 8-hour shift, taking a break and having lunch, increasing the time the maid would be at your home as 8-hours of work excludes the break times. When there are 2 people, scheduled, the work gets done without having to take a break or schedule in a lunch hour since the 8-hour schedule is reduced to a 4-hour schedule. The maids are professionals in what they do, and all the services you paid for would be completed in the time allotted.

Another reason why 2 maids are sent out for duty when clients hire them for House Cleaning in Northern Virginia, is the effective efficiency in completing tasks. More hands on-deck means that productivity can significantly increase and more can be accomplished. For instance, supposed you paid to have your kitchen deep cleaned. This would mean that all your cabinets need to be cleared out. If maid1 stands on a ladder to clear the items from the cabinet, maid2 can be handed the items to have them safely relocated. If there was only one maid, then that maid would need to climb the ladder, take the items from the cabinet, hold them and come down the ladder, relocate them and then repeat the process all over again until the cabinet is cleared. The similar process would have to be done to repack the cabinet once the shelves have been cleaned. Having 2 maids can significantly reduce the chance of having your items being broken from unavoidable accidents and reduce the strain on the maid as well.

All the packages for House Cleaning in Northern Virginia includes the allotment of 2 maids per project, no matter the length of service required. To hire these maids, packages can be selected and paid for through the website. Of course, additional hours of service come with a charge, but the list of services are clearly stated for you before you pay for it.


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